PYLON: A Bicycle for the Mind

The tree and the insect are thus heavily interdependent: the tree cannot reproduce without the insect; the insect cannot eat wit bout the tree; together, they constitute not only a viable but a productive and thriving partnership.

Recently Dr. Becker (or is it Jon on the internet; all is levelled) pointed me towards this particular Steve Jobs quote.

It’s an imperfect metaphor, but it works. I’ve often thought that the relationship between a man and a bicycle is the most beautiful mechanical union. Similarly many internet-devices are beginning to reach that same level of symbiosis. I’ve often joked that a smart phone is a sensory organ perceiving the digital plane.

Those without are literally disabled (I wonder if smart phones will one day become a human right).

It is a common complaint that technology is ruining our ability to focus on one task; that it’s making us dumber. Maybe. They’re not wrong, I struggle with using the internet towards one task, many do. Perhaps the internet is too powerful to handle passively. Active focus is required to stay on task, it’s easy to get lost in the rabbit hole.

As we approach the limit of human-machine compatibility, our perception, creation, and consumption will be increasingly wedded to the internet. Hyperreality will be universal, a playground.

The process has foundationally altered the way we interface with each other. Tools affect the user.


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