Nuggeting Sources

Social media allow anyone to disclose life trivia for all to see, making it possible for people to be perceived as begging for attention, of transgressing traditional boundaries of public and private, of acting somehow “inappropriately.” If Bonchek-Adams were well known for something other than writing extensively about her cancer, would the Kellers have been as troubled by her “oversharing” (Emma Keller’s worry) or her alleged “warrior attitude” (Bill Keller’s contention)? Would a famous person disclosing details of his/her cancer (alcoholism, drug abuse, arrests, or job losses, etc.) have been as vulnerable to being perceived as acting, in some sense, “wrong”?

The source that immediately caught my attention was exploring  the role in which social media can be used to share personal stories and then in turn increase one’s fame.

The author explored how there were different responses by those sharing social media used by already famous people and those who are not famous. Famous people sharing personal stories over social media were met with more “understanding” responses compared to the criticism that was met with those non famous people. The author theorized that when famous people used social media, the response was more positive because people appreciated the honesty, and rawness of the celebrities. This effect by social media made them appear more relatable.

I think i’m honing more specifically into how social media can be used as a platform to increase an individuals fame and income. It is a tool to self-brand yourself. I derived this from extremely popular ASMRists due to the increasing popularity of the ASMR community in YouTube.

6 thoughts on “Nuggeting Sources”

  1. I think this is going to be a very interesting topic to do your research project on. There are so many stories on facebook and twitter that share people’s stories that portray the main person as a hero or amazing person and I think it’s intriguing how much feedback they get back from people all across the United States.

  2. This is an interesting topic. Its pretty crazy how easy it is to become social media famous by just posting a few pictures on the internet. I found it interesting how people related to celebrities on social media more than the average person. It would make sense if non celebrities connected with other non celebrities

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