Engelbart Nugget 9/11

“Man’s population and gross product are increasing at a considerable rate, but the complexity of his problems grows still faster, and the urgency with which solutions must be found becomes steadily greater in response to the increased rate of activity and the increasingly global nature of that activity. Augmenting man’s intellect, in the sense defined above, would warrant full pursuit by an enlightened society if there could be shown a reasonable approach and some plausible benefits.”

Engelbart’s reading was maybe too much for me to handle, but I think I got this gist of it. The nugget I chose describes the state of exponential growth of technology along with the growth of mankind. Mankind will always face troubles, but according to Engelbart and my opinion, technology can ease those troubles. I want to bring the attention to social activism through social media applications like Twitter. The internet is a space where people can share similar ideas and organize. This is extremely impacting and revolutionary when done right. I believe Engelbart was speaking in a more general sense, but I immediately thought about different spaces of the internet that benefits humankind.


I had to re-read Englebart’s work to try and understand the material better. Similarly to my peer, going back to his work helped me understand his work more.  Engelbart viewed that in order to make the world better, people required to work together collectively and be organized. People needed to collectively harness human intellect, and thus believed that the computer would be the perfect tool for that.

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  1. I too had some trouble understanding it at first but I know this reading with give you plenty on of support and information on your topic!

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