FIP Geolocation 11/12

My focus is going to be on gender and ASMR, looking into wikipedia I realized a term that I was slightly familiar with which is ‘male gaze’. I remember discussing this concept during my Gender Studies class last year and I thought it pertained to my claim which was another bonus.  My next two sources was found directly in the comment section of the asmr videos. These two subscribers were arguing whether or not ASMR is sexual or not, both bringing valid points. Subscriber A. stated something along the lines of ASMR is becoming more sexualized because female asmrtists are sexualizing their videos in order to gain more subscribes, B stated that slut-shaming is rampant within the community and ASMR artists shouldn’t feel shamed to show some skin or dress a certain way because they don’t deserve to be shamed and can do what they want to do because ultimately it’s their channel.

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