Nugget + Argument 11/8

“For the ASMR community on the Internet, distant intimacy offers the promise of control, not only of the Other but of the time and space of interaction. Unsurprisingly, due to the models that ASMR community has taken for their videos, from medical to personal care, the extent of the ASMRer’s control over the flows of communication through video evokes similar controlled interactions within care service industries. In this way, the distant intimacy of ASMR mimics other, more recognizable forms of intimacy that nevertheless struggle within normative models of sexuality.” The intimacy combined with the artist aiming to serve the viewer with relaxation contributes to the feeling of control.

The accessibility of videos with different content and individuals performing acts to elicit triggers can lead to an unaware and subconscious feeling of power and dominance. If a viewer couldn’t receive triggers from one video, they can easily jump to another video to obtain trigger material.

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