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Reflection 11/14

I found my peers have excellent ideas that work very well with my project. One example is Breezy Potters FI project which discusses Hannah Hart who is a famous Youtuber. She discussed the elements in making basic people rise to fame and fortune through Youtube.

FIP Geolocation 11/12

My focus is going to be on gender and ASMR, looking into wikipedia I realized a term that I was slightly familiar with which is ‘male gaze’. I remember discussing this concept during my Gender Studies class last year and I thought it pertained to my claim which was another bonus.  My next two sources was found directly in the comment section of the asmr videos. These two subscribers were arguing whether or not ASMR is sexual or not, both bringing valid points. Subscriber A. stated something along the lines of ASMR is becoming more sexualized because female asmrtists are sexualizing their videos in order to gain more subscribes, B stated that slut-shaming is rampant within the community and ASMR artists shouldn’t feel shamed to show some skin or dress a certain way because they don’t deserve to be shamed and can do what they want to do because ultimately it’s their channel.

Nugget + Argument 11/8

“For the ASMR community on the Internet, distant intimacy offers the promise of control, not only of the Other but of the time and space of interaction. Unsurprisingly, due to the models that ASMR community has taken for their videos, from medical to personal care, the extent of the ASMRer’s control over the flows of communication through video evokes similar controlled interactions within care service industries. In this way, the distant intimacy of ASMR mimics other, more recognizable forms of intimacy that nevertheless struggle within normative models of sexuality.” The intimacy combined with the artist aiming to serve the viewer with relaxation contributes to the feeling of control.

The accessibility of videos with different content and individuals performing acts to elicit triggers can lead to an unaware and subconscious feeling of power and dominance. If a viewer couldn’t receive triggers from one video, they can easily jump to another video to obtain trigger material.

Investigators Assemble 11/5

Andersen, J. (2015). Now You’ve Got the Shiveries. Television & New Media, 16(8), 683-700. doi:10.1177/1527476414556184

Insight and gives explanation about ASMR community. Certain words like internet based therapy and source of faux-intimacy

Douglas, E. (1962). Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework. Retrieved from


Kay, A., & Goldber, A. (1977). Personal Dynamic Media. Retrieved from

Democracy with personal media, should not be exclusive to only engineers, scientist, programmers but should be accessible to everyone.

Male Gaze. (n.d.). Retrieved December 11, 2015, from

Defining male gaze, and how this affects the ASMR community. Gender and ASMR plays an important role within the community.

Replogle, E. (2014). Fame, Social Media Use, and Ethics. Sociological Forum, 29(3), 736-742. doi:10.1111/socf.12112

Explores the affect social media has on celebrity vs. normal everyday people and how these two separate entities receive fame.

Licklider, J. (1960).  Man Computer Symbiosis. Retrieved from

Man can fix many problems by allowing computers to help. Growing technology = growing problems but using technology can reduce problems.

Potter, B (2015). The Growth of Entertainment in Social Media. Retrieved from!about/c1t53

My claim is that ASMR is a growing internet phenomenon, what makes this community so mysterious and why are there many stances towards this community.

Weekly Reflection Post 11/1

I think my understanding of ASMR has changed and my views on where I stand with my claim has changed due to my research. I initially proceeded this project with my claim attempting to persuade my audience that ASMR is not sexual, but now i’m changing my problem to focus on the larger picture… I still believe that ASMR is not sexual but my focus is rather looking into why people believe it to be sexual.

Connecting Nuggets

Another source I found is Andersen, J. (2015). Now You’ve Got the Shiveries. Television & New Media. This source is excellent because it deals directly with ASMR and gives excellent insight about certain characteristics about ASMR. This new source differs largely compared to my other source because this source does not discuss anything relating to fame with the usage of the internet where as my other source discusses only that. According to Kay & Goldberg’s point of view, they would find this source fascinating because it talks about using the internet for socializing and finding faux-intimacy. Kay & Goldberg believes that everyone should have accessibility to a personal media and I think this outcome of faux-intimate communities would have made the dreamers happy.

Finalizing My Dream 10/25

The subject I will look for on the internet to help with my final inquiry project is looking directly onto the YouTube comment sections for any clues or general consensus about the ASMR community, by viewing the public opinion I may be able to sense any negative criticisms and how this affects the ASMRists coping with fame.


The perfect look for my FI Project will have my audience grasp what ASMR is, and have them introduced to the community and hopefully instill curiosity to them so hopefully they can explore it further. I want to have the paper in one page of my media, then have links to bring my audience to different facets of the community. ASMR is all about catering to the desires of the viewers and that is what I would like my project to become.