“How Does It Feel When I Think”

Reading this prompt I first asked my self if my thoughts always elicit a feeling, in the sense of emotions?  I would answer sometimes and other times not. There are days where my mind feels as if it is an entity of its own-something I have no control over. These moments sometimes occur for example during lectures when i’m day dreaming, especially those drowsy day dreams when you have limited control and your thoughts just drift by. To put in better words, I usually feel like i’m in a constant game of tag / hide and go seek. I am chasing the knowledge and thoughts I need and they are either found immediately or buried deep in the corners of my brain, irretrievable.

When I think of thinking in that manner, I feel dis-empowered. I think of thoughts like individuals that exist to tease and mock me. If i adjust how I think and think in a more artistic sense, I can just imagine scenes that are visually detailed.

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