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Investigators Assemble 11/5

Andersen, J. (2015). Now You’ve Got the Shiveries. Television & New Media16(8), 683-700. doi:10.1177/1527476414556184

Insight and gives explanation about ASMR community. Certain words like internet based therapy and source of faux-intimacy

Douglas, E. (1962). Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework. Retrieved from http://www.dougengelbart.org/pubs/augment-3906.html


Kay, A., & Goldber, A. (1977). Personal Dynamic Media. Retrieved from http://www.dougengelbart.org/pubs/augment-3906.html

Democracy with personal media, should not be exclusive to only engineers, scientist, programmers but should be accessible to everyone.

Male Gaze. (n.d.). Retrieved December 11, 2015, from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Male_gaze

Defining male gaze, and how this affects the ASMR community. Gender and ASMR plays an important role within the community.

Replogle, E. (2014). Fame, Social Media Use, and Ethics. Sociological Forum, 29(3), 736-742. doi:10.1111/socf.12112

Explores the affect social media has on celebrity vs. normal everyday people and how these two separate entities receive fame.

Licklider, J. (1960).  Man Computer Symbiosis. Retrieved from http://groups.csail.mit.edu/medg/people/sz/Licklider.html

Man can fix many problems by allowing computers to help. Growing technology = growing problems but using technology can reduce problems.

Potter, B (2015). The Growth of Entertainment in Social Media. Retrieved from http://potterbl.wix.com/finalinquiryproject#!about/c1t53

My claim is that ASMR is a growing internet phenomenon, what makes this community so mysterious and why are there many stances towards this community.

Connecting Nuggets

Another source I found is Andersen, J. (2015). Now You’ve Got the Shiveries. Television & New Media. This source is excellent because it deals directly with ASMR and gives excellent insight about certain characteristics about ASMR. This new source differs largely compared to my other source because this source does not discuss anything relating to fame with the usage of the internet where as my other source discusses only that. According to Kay & Goldberg’s point of view, they would find this source fascinating because it talks about using the internet for socializing and finding faux-intimacy. Kay & Goldberg believes that everyone should have accessibility to a personal media and I think this outcome of faux-intimate communities would have made the dreamers happy.