Chosen Research Question:

After a lot of deliberation I have narrowed down my possible research questions to the one that I think is best.  I had to change it up a little from how I originally worded it and thought about it because it was too broad.  But I think i have figured it out now, although I am still open to more suggestions.  My question is:

How does social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) affect how Americans perceive truth?  Do these mediums change how we see the line between truth and falsehood?

Research Essay Ideas

Alright so I’ve come up with a few ideas on what to use as my research question.  If you guys could comment and let me know what you think of them that would be great! I know that we talked about some of these in class or something similar to some of them.

1) When is it okay to lie?  Could lying ever be justified?  I would want to look at this from several different perspectives and analyze different reasons to lie.

2)  How does the media affect how we see truths or what we hold to be true?  I could look at how different mediums affect different people or different aspects of society.

3)  Is there such a thing as a true hero?  Meaning: is there a universal definition of hero?  I wanted to look into this because one culture may not view another culture’s hero the same way.

4)  In our society, how are children conditioned to accept something as truth?  Are they really free to choose what they believe or think or are children made to think that something is true?