Essay 2 Reflection

I have never done an actual synthesis essay like this before, only basic research papers in high school.  The process for this essay proved to be very different from what I was used to.  One big difference was that I am used to using MLA formatting and so i had to learn how to use APA for this essay, but Dr. Schaub’s guidance helped a lot with that.  Another thing that I needed to change about my normal writing process was my preparation.  In high school there weren’t as many restrictions on what types of sources I could use (essentially as long as you didn’t use a Wikipedia article you were fine) and therefore I could put off writing my paper until essentially the night before and then find a few half decent sources and BS my way through writing my essay and still manage to get an A.  But obviously I couldn’t do that this time.  I actually had to dedicate a lot of time previous to writing the essay to finding good, substantive sources and reading them thoroughly.  I had to actually push myself to put in the work well ahead of the deadline in order to find the sources I needed.  This was difficult for me as I typically procrastinate a lot.  But I think that this assignment helped me realize what kind of work I need to put in to write a paper like this.  It takes more work than I am used to and now I know what to expect in the future.  I still believe that I can improve on this in the future and that I should find a way to better motivate myself to do better research but I am proud of how my paper turned out and think that this was a good learning experience for me.