How do you think?

Have you ever wondered if you were adopted simply because you could not be your parent’s child? Did you find yourself playing Will Smith’s rap, “Parents Just Don’t Understand” continuously? Then you were a teenager at one point in your life. The teenage years are years for change, adaptation, and personality searches. With growth, there is a problem in who has control of the teenager’s life and who wants control. Teenagers want to pick out their own clothes and go to bed at the time they wish to go to bed. Parents believe that although their teenagers are developing, they still know what is best for their child. This causes friction between the two parties and results in arguments. Growing up, I constantly questioned my parent’s authority. They would in turn question my logic and intelligence. Why can’t parents understand the actions performed by teenagers? The answer is simple, teenagers simply think different than adults because they use a different part of their brain to process information.

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