Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggetts, author of  Black Joy: Stories of Resistance, Resilience, and Restoration

Welcome to SOCY/AFAM/GSWS 305:
Oppression, Resilience, and Black Families

…we are each other’s
we are each other’s
we are each other’s
magnitude and bond.

-excerpt of the poem ‘Paul Robeson’
by Gwendolyn Brooks

I am so glad you are here!

This course is entirely online. You will submit papers on Canvas; everything else happens here on our Rampages site. Start by checking out the Syllabus (under Course Info). Also check out Tips for Succeeding in this Course. Then go to Section 1 (under Unit 1) to learn about your first assignment, due Tuesday, August 30 at 11:59 pm.

A note on the workload: I encourage you to block out 5-6 hours per week for this course. 

There are no exams in this course. There is a great deal of reading and writing. You will typically be assigned 120-150 minutes of articles and videos each week, in addition to the writing assignments every other week. I suggest blocking out at least three hours for writing. If we were in a classroom together, we’d see each other for 150 minutes each week, and you’d have outside readings/assignments as well. I count your time learning from the assigned materials as our class time. I count your writing as the time you would have spent preparing for class each week.

I am here to support you in this course. 

You will hear me say this throughout the semester, but I want to reiterate here: I am here to support you in this course. Please contact me this week and throughout the semester with any questions or ways I can be of help.  I will always respond to your emails within 24 hours (Monday 9 am-Friday 5 pm) with the exception of weekends. Please email me with any questions or information about how I can best support you in your learning.

I look forward to our time together!

Dr. Boutwell (she/her)

Cover of “Black Is Beautiful” book. The image is of Sikolo Brathwaite, Kwame Brathwaite’s wife, wearing a headpiece designed by Carolee Prince. Taken in 1968. Instagram account of the archives: @kwamebphoto

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