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  • Weekly Web Harvest for 2018-02-11

    Porsche Classic supplies classic parts from a 3D printer Due to the consistently positive results received to date, Porsche is currently manufacturing eight other parts using 3D printing. The parts in question are steel and alloy parts produced using the selective laser melting process, and plastic components manufactured using an SLS printer HUBzero – Home […]

  • Screen Time

    Every time I hear something about limiting screen time I cannot help but think about how poorly the concept has been thought out. If we talked about “food time” instead maybe that would help us think that while time matters (eating for hours each day is probably a bad idea), how long you eat probably […]

  • Weekly Web Harvest for 2018-02-04

    Bildung – Wikipedia The term Bildung also corresponds to the Humboldtian model of higher education from the work of Prussian philosopher and educational administrator Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767–1835). Thus, in this context, the concept of education becomes a lifelong process of human development, rather than mere training in gaining certain external knowledge or skills. Such […]

  • Code as Poetry, Time as a Variable – Options in the Ether

    Backstory Driving into work I was listening to NPR and they were interviewing Nikki Giovani a poet from Virginia Tech. In high school I was one of those people who really suffered reading the The Red Wheelbarrow and other non-rhyming poems. They irritated me in the same way people seem to be annoyed by White […]

  • YouTube Snippets WordPress Plugin

    I made a little shortcode plugin for making it fairly easy to embed YouTube video snippets. The plugin supports both a start and end time or either a start or end time. It also now allows you to embed multiple videos on a single page. The plugin works like below. Times are in seconds. [yt_video […]

  • Considering Making Digital Sociology Tools

    First off, I believe that websites that help you think are tools. Websites that help you author media are also tools. So when I say “tools” that’s what I mean. I will also likely call them sites. That’s also what I mean. I like to start off posts like these establishing the fact that I’m […]

  • Weekly Web Harvest for 2018-01-28

    fulldecent/system-bus-radio: Transmits AM radio on computers without radio transmitting hardware. Transmits AM radio on computers without radio transmitting hardware. The Anatomy of a Data Story Knaflic explains that “it’s not the graph that makes the data interesting. Rather, it’s the story you build around it—the way you make it something your audience cares about, something […]

  • Census Reporter API Exploration

    We’re trying out a new site idea for the online digital sociology program. Once again, Matt came up with an idea that really got me excited and I started wandering around trying to figure out how to make it work. At some point I found CensusReporter.org. This is a pretty amazing site that is a […]

  • Portfolio Sketch #2

    I am still kicking around ideas for a timeline of my work history. You can see some of the other stuff in this post. This version is a Bootstrap version that I think can end up working pretty well even in a mobile view with a bit more work. You can see it full size […]

  • Photography – #162

  • Weekly Web Harvest for 2018-01-21

    Tobias Schneider on Twitter: “Somebody forgot to turn off their Fitbit. Markers trace known military outposts, supply and patrol routes.… “ Somebody forgot to turn off their Fitbit. Markers trace known military outposts, supply and patrol routes. Donald Rumsfeld’s Snowflake Poetry Is Exactly What America Needs Right Now – POLITICO Magazine CALENDAR, PART 2 I […]

  • Portfolio Timeline

    One of the things I ended up being dissatisfied with on my own portfolio was the timeline of my work history.1 At the time making an interactive multimedia timeline seemed like a good idea. Just the phrase “interactive multimedia timeline” sounds fancy, right? I made it using the KnightLab Timeline JS tool (which is a […]