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Listen to Wikipedia: The Sound of Change in a Fast Paced World

Major telegraph lines in 1891 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Throughout time and with each iteration of new technologies, the pace of life seems to speed. With the advent of the printing press, the introduction of the telegraph, enhancements to transportation, the invention of radio, television and presently the Internet, one feels increasingly bombarded with information.  Beyond […]

Doug Engelbart, transcontextualist

I’ve been mulling over this next post for far too long, and the results will be brief and rushed (such bad food, and such small portions!). You have been warned. The three strands, or claims I’m engaging with (EDIT: I’ve … Continue reading →

Learning, Analytics, Assessment, Big Data, etc.

I finally watched Moneyball last night. I read the Michael Lewis book pretty much the day it hit the stores, but hadn’t seen the movie until last night (#ParentingIsHard). Watching the movie came at a particularly interesting moment for me. I’ve been following closely the developments about the research out of Purdue University about CourseSignals. In […]

Am I ready for take off?

I really have no idea where this site will go, and honestly, I’m not thinking about what I’m writing right now. I’ve been told, by several different people, at several different times, that I should blog…about several different things. My … Continue reading →