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30 Day Question Challenge – Hunting Trophies

For those following this challenge, it is known that part of my goal is to have fun through unbounded intellectual exploration. I have also sought to take what may be considered odd or even silly questions and think through them focused on any substance that may be hidden within. A challenge for the reader, then, […]

Scooping the Curd on Academic Advising

When I want to think hard, I take a break from the educational research literature and flip through an Esquire or Time magazine. Both have extraordinary culture sections. Sunday afternoon found me standing in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher with one hand and reading James Poniewozik’s feature on the TV series Mad Men (found in […]

C. Wright Mills Would Be a Blogger

If C. Wright Mills were alive today, he’d be blogging.  I say that having been thinking about starting this blog at the same time as I happen to be re-reading Mills’ classic work, The Sociological Imagination.  Today, there’s plenty of encouragement to blog from many quarters.  But even though Mills was writing in 1959, his […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Lost in the Meritocracy – Walter Kirn – The Atlantic “I enrolled the next fall, but with no intention of staying. I’d read my Fitzgerald, and I wanted to go east; I wanted to ride the train to the last station. As a natural-born child of the meritocracy, I’d been amassing momentum my whole life, […]

Flickr Photos by Year/Month

I was looking around to see how many pictures I’ve been posting to Flickr since taking the new job at VCU. I had a feeling there was a dramatic increase but I was curious about actual numbers. After stumbling around the Internet for a bit attempting to do things the hard way, I stumbled on […]

The "Proper" Artwork in Office Space

Is an office setting an appropriate place to hang nude artwork? I’ve been asked by a colleague why I don’t hang my own artwork in the office — I do have a few pieces up. I didn’t answer him directly because I’ve done mostly figure drawings of nude mo…

A quick thought about web syndication

I’ve been working with some mighty stellar colleagues (including Bryan Alexander, not pictured, as few cameras can contain his multitudinousity) on a new EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative “7 Things You Should Know About…” piece focusing on web syndication. We’re closing in on the final form of the document, and it’s been very exciting to try to articulate […]