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All I Need to Teach are Desks that Move…or Disappear

My very first academic publication was in the journal Teaching Sociology and it focused on the use of active learning groups to help first-time teachers learn to teach.  By using group activities as the core of a course, the instructor was relieved of the “Atlas complex”–the assumption that the instructor needed to assume full responsibility for […]

Who is this for?

Image by Hartwig HKD And through the doorWhat do I see? Something is happeningIs it for me?  At our last Thoughtvectors/UNIV200/Living The Dreams meeting, I asked the team to start blogging our work together. After the logistical questions–where, how, etc.–the bigger, most Internet-mystical question came up: who is this for? Is it for us, as a […]

What’s Different about Teaching?

“They require people to not just do old things slightly differently but also to change their beliefs and perceptions.” “Real school must support both the rules and the playing. And the greatest of these is the playing.”   from Gardner Campbell’s … Continue reading →

Open, Vertical, Dynamic Course Design for Instructors and Students Alike

un phare en coquille / Lighthouse like a shell (Photo credit: TisseurDeToile -[*]) I’ve recently been engaged with faculty in a discussion about “open” in their courses. Interest and experience vary widely and for many, the concept is foreign and frightening. “Designing” for such a course might seem an oxymoron. However designing simply means considering […]


Nature Walk at Crump Park

This year, I have set a 3 goals for myself. One of them being to Take control of my body and health (physical/mental).  Every weekend, my mom and I have set a requirement that we will get out and do something active together. Yesterday’s adventure took us on a nature walk at Meadow Farm: Crump […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Add an expiration date to your tweets using a simple hashtag | The Verge Besides keeping your digital detritus to a minimum, there may be practical uses for the app. One meteorologist has already found a neat use for it: preventing storm warnings from being retweeted once they’re no longer in place. Spirit follows Efemr, […]

My first teaching machine

No, it wasn’t a computer, though it was built on the principle of programmed learning. It was a World Book Cyclo-Teacher. The kit came with big printed instruction-question-answer wheels that fit onto the machine’s hub, as well as smaller blank white-paper wheels that fit atop the larger wheels. As I recall, once the big wheel […]

Wicked Memories

Altria Theater, Richmond, VA. Yin Wah Kreher (Copyright). "Like a comet pulled from orbit, as it passes a sun. Like a stream that meets a boulder, halfway through the wood… Because I knew you." Dancing through life. Defying gravity.