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#thoughtvectors – Concluding Thoughts on a Learning Experiment – Evening

  From the first day faculty met to explore the Thought Vectors cMOOC, I looked at things from faculty development, adult learning, transformative lenses. Although the grand purpose of any faculty development effort is that new insights, lessons and skills transfer to students’ learning experiences, I chose to focus on what the instructors did. Specifically, I […]

Homophone trouble as a parable of learning

Klein Bottle: obliquity unbounded. Image cc Wikimedia Commons This one is quite oblique, so if you’re not patient or inquisitive or morbidly curious, this one may not be for you.  Here’s the backstory. Students in my section of “Living The Dreams: Digital Investigation and Unfettered Minds” are completing their inquiry projects. I’ve been thinking a […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

IBM’s Watson Can Now Debate Its Opponents “Watson then presented three relevant arguments in favor of banning violent video games for minors, but qualified its assessment by bring up several relevant counterarguments and considerations. In all, it was a fairly cogent review of the data. “ tags: ibm watson debate ai weekly argument thoughtvectors BBC […]

A little ‘Roaring 20′s’ inspiration

I just recently moved into my first apartment, and am currently finding ways to decorate my new home. My bedroom is Great Gatsby themed, bringing in all of the glamor, glitz, and style from the roaring twenties. So last night, amidst pasta and TLC Bride Day, I got the inspiration to design some silhouettes that […]

Minecraft “crafting table”

The genius of Minecraft is that the game does not specify how this is done….The game’s core activity is the creation of new materials and objects through the arrangement of more basic substances in specific patterns on a “crafting table,” represented in … Continue reading →

The Interlude

Last blog-post: June 12. Last tweet: June 19. Between June 18 to June 20, I fulfilled a wish that had long been on my mind since 2001 — to learn Graphic Recording and Facilitation skills from the pioneers, The Grove Consultants. Since the late 1990s, I had delved into visual thinking, mindmapping, and graphic recording. […]

The biggest city in the world

I confess to being one of those people who have (quietly) judged parents who are on their phones while seemingly ignoring their kids. This morning we went out for an early breakfast before work, and I had a very different experience. Here is my story: The monkeys (my kids, aged 7, 8, and 9 years […]

How a Grad Student Writes

I’ve been writing nonstop for almost two weeks.I work in a place that is about to unveil an entirely new agenda, one related to connected learning in higher education at its most passionate and most digital. My major contribution to this launch has been writing the Case for Connected (more…)