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Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Reflections on the MP3 Format: Interview with Jonathan Sterne : Computational Culture ” First, thank you for asking all these great and difficult questions. And to readers, thanks for plowing through what’s about to be a lot of prose. Brevity in print is not one of my strong points.” tags: weekly mp3 questions Fidelity Investments […]

Photography – Week 50

  This was at the train station around 5:20 AM. I like the dull colors and almost stupor like gaze of the man against the open-mouthed-hyper-enthusiasm of the TV “personality.” I didn’t get quite as close as I wanted. I shot fairly quickly because I couldn’t believe he’d keep holding that awkward pose.   Another early […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Why broken sleep is a golden time for creativity – Karen Emslie – Aeon “Night-waking, he told me, was different in nature from waking during the day, at least according to the documents he found. The third US president Thomas Jefferson, for example, read books on moral philosophy before bed so that he could ‘ruminate’ […]

@GoogleGuacamole Survey Experiment

Hello,My name is Laura Gogia (@Googleguacamole) and I am currently enrolled in a doctoral level course at Virginia Commonwealth University called Educational Measurement and Evaluation. As part of this class, we have been charged with designing and implementing a short survey on a topic of our choice (more…)

Images Tell Stories

I’ve long been fascinated with the power of images and the stories they tell. But now, the images can actually “talk.” Who knows if they are telling the truth? I’ve just read Google’s Image Recognition Software Can Now Describe EntireScenes. This is interesting from several perspectives, but currently, it sparks a conceptual idea for the […]

Photography – Week 49

This one was made entirely by the book covers. I liked the glimpse it gave of how she spent her time on the bus. I’m not exactly sure where this bus comes from but it drops off a number of people each day and it is an interesting group. “That mother . . . . […]