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Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

The smartest cities rely on citizen cunning and unglamorous technology | Cities | The Guardian “But, for whatever reason, this is not the face of urban innovation official India wants to share with the world – perhaps small-scale projects or the tactics of the poor simply aren’t dramatic enough to convey the magnitude and force […]

Photography – Week 55

There’s likely to be some sort of yearly retrospective at some point but until then these are (mainly) traveling shots. We’ve gone from Richmond VA to Huntsville AL and then to Jacksonville FL. All interesting highway paths. Shooting from the car is a challenge. It mixes aspects of landscape photography and the speed of street […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

How Amalia Ulman Became an Instagram Celebrity — Vulture “How did the actress’s very public mental breakdown, and the national schadenfreude it inspired, factor into your project?” tags: writingprompt english selfies weekly art socialmedia Keshif – Simplicity Driven Visual Faceted Browser Interesting facet based browsing like Simile tags: data dataviz d3 simplicity keshif weekly tool […]

Evidence of My Connected Learning Obsession

Seriously, my obsession with connected learning has got to be annoying some people by now, and I haven’t even defended my prospectus yet.  Here is some evidence of my obsession, as well as documentation of Reason #3: Why it’s fun to work with Jon Becker.[View the story “My (more…)

Assessing Student Learning in Online Education Part 1

Assessment types. Besides learning engagement, assessing student learning is one of the top concerns (top 3?) of teachers. This burden is no less lighter for online teachers. Much as teachers might like to banish this bane of teaching from their jobs, assessment (evaluation, retention, accreditation, and all related concerns) won’t go away because “measuring” learning […]

Connected Assessment for Connected Learning

This is a (slightly) more polished version of my previous post. Connected Assessment for Connected Learning from Laura Gogia My dissertation research is focused on creating an assessment protocol for connected learning courses in higher education environments. My work begins with the premise that connected learning is an inherently participatory (more…)