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Rookie Javascript Mistakes

I frequently can accomplish things by cobbling together code I find on Stack Overflow and various tutorials/examples found elsewhere. Sometimes I have a decent idea what’s going. Other times . . . my lack of real understanding slows me down much more than I’d like. The following bits of increased knowledge come from playing around […]

Do you know about Feedly?

When asked by a colleague, “How do I keep up with the blogs I hope to read?” I showed her Feedly,  a Web-based aggregator, used to help manage your personal list of blogs and websites. It’s certainly not the only RSS reader. You can find other examples: But what IS? an aggregator? an RSS reader? […]

Does the Success of the iPad Hold Lessons for Higher Ed?

It’s been five years since Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad.  As tech writer Tim Lee notes in his article about the anniversary, he and other reviewers at the time mostly scoffed at the new device.  They criticized it for having glaring omissions (no keyboard, mouse, or standard external ports), for its inadequate software, and for […]

Video Games and Learning

“Humans learn from experience, but this does not mean they learn just by having experiences. The human mind learns through well-designed experiences” James Paul Gee describes video games as a set of problems that must be solved in order to win. The difference here is that these problems are presented in many instances in an environment […]

2015 ELI Annual Meeting Poster Session: Exploring Microblogging Data through a Lens of Student Assessment

Exploring Connectivist Massively Open Online Course (cMOOC) Microblogging Data through a Student Assessment…I’ll be presenting this poster at the upcoming Educause ELI Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California, February 9-11, 2014.  The following is the copy from the handout that accompanies it. Although I mention it in the body of (more…)

Youth Wants to be Digitally Connected

I finally ran the ECAR student survey data using SPSS. A dear friend suggested I use Excel’s pivot tables and charts. I tried and felt more comfortable with SPSS (version 22 now! Wow!). I regret not doing it earlier. Even though I was discouraged against doing it by someone else, I’ve learned to listen to […]