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Catfish Literacy?

To play off a bit of David’s post on social justice MOOCs, there seems to be a base need for tools for helping identify evil people on the web. That’s not in a dox type of way but more like a way to guide people in determining if accounts have ill intentions.1 That’s probably a […]

Reggio Educators’ Training at Sabot Institute

Are you learning forward or backward? … Do you attend conferences or workshops year after year, yet rarely adjust your teaching or leadership as a result of what you learned? – Frederick Brown, Education Week Teacher.  Voila! A Reggio-educator professional development opportunity surfaced in town; courtesy of Jon Becker. I jumped at the opportunity. These events […]

Photography – Week 71

I liked the colors backed by the shadows. I’m shooting with the 70-200 zoom lens right now so I thought it’d be fun to do a VCU urban wildlife series. So far I have this rabbit and a series of birds (grackle, starling, mocking bird, robin). The dress rehearsal for the school play. Opening day […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Hong Kong anti-litter campaign swipes DNA from trash, uses it to create mugshots of suspected litterers – Boing Boing “The agency tapped Parabon NanoLabs to do DNA testing on bits of trash found on the street, such as coffee cups and cigarette butts. The company then used Snapshot DNA phenotyping to produce a sketch of […]

From Critical Reflection to Critical Refraction

Think metaphorically. I was discussing student portfolios, metacognition and transfer with my friend and colleague, Joe Cates, when this idea surfaced. This post has two purposes. First, I’m trying to clarify the conceptual differences for myself. Second, I want to see if this distinction is a useful lens to help faculty think about the intellectual […]

You’re invited! to a Learning Festival

Imagine. Create, and Share. We’ve invited everyone we know (and those we’re hoping to meet) to stop in, share ideas and listen to stories about what’s become possible when developing quality learning experiences. Engage your curiosity, imagination, and willingness to learn. Spend each day asking questions and talking with others about shared experience. Visit the […]

What Could’ve Been: #et4Online68425 2015 Presentation Notes

Hello to all who are / may / might be thinking of attending session #et4online68425, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to present in person due to personal reasons. Title of Presentation: When Graduate Students Become Online Instructors:A First-Time Online Instructor’s Teaching Toolbox The proposal can be retrieved at