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Lenses, Levers and Litheness for Faculty Development: Questions as one Mode

This website is a place that I, and others, use to stimulate deeply reflective dialogue about teaching and learning. Its essence is one of self-exploration. We use questions to surface and challenge our assumptions about teaching & learning, faculty development, scholarship, etc. We don’t offer answers; rather, we point to resources and throw a few thoughts […]

A blog is . . .

#usgened #connectedlearning A good summary of the ethical issues of student blogging: — Robert H. Gowdy (@rhgowdy) June 20, 2015 The Twitter exchange above prompted this post which will revisit some things various people have said lots of times to lots of different people but I haven’t written any of my responses down lately. […]

Weekly Bookmark Highlights (weekly)

‘Virtual Harlem’ is a Time Machine to the 1920s – The Atlantic “”I wanted my students to experience the literature that I was teaching in a very different way,” Carter told me, “one that was very interesting and engaging, as well as visual.”” tags:3rdspace vr augmented+reality AltSchool – Upstarts: The Idealists – CNNMoney “Instead of […]

WP video tutorials

Over the past week I have spoken to some faculty folks concerned about their students not being able to cope with the technical demands of setting up their first blog. I tend to point out that they might have students who have already used a rampages blog for other classes and even if they do not, […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

If Jurassic Park Were In Different Geological Eras – YouTube tags: dinosaur video humor weekly Disney Parks Ban Selfie Sticks “Disneyland and Walt Disney World have officially banned selfie sticks inside the parks. In a statement to the press, a Disney spokesperson cited safety concerns as one of the reasons for the ban. “ tags: […]

Teaching a Connected Course

I’m teaching again – a f2f graduate course, Design Challenges in e-Learning for Adults. The students are doing an amazing job of writing about their learning in their syndicated blogs. Their projects are for VCU people wanting insights into ways to create connections for their students using online solutions. I’m finding the shortened 6 weeks makes me […]

Weekly Bookmark Highlights (weekly)

Yes, androids do dream of electric sheep | Technology | The Guardian “What do machines dream of? New images released by Google give us one potential answer: hypnotic landscapes of buildings, fountains and bridges merging into one. ” tags:3rdspace technology the guardian Inspired By Serial, Teens Create Podcasts As A Final Exam | MindShift | […]