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Google Spreadsheet Unique Item Count

Google sheets can do some neat tricks. Here’s how you can generate a chart of unique words submitted and their counts. The form for collecting a single word. Loading… The formula to paste in column C. All credit to this Stack Overflow post. =QUERY({B:B,B:B},”select Col1, count(Col2) where Col1 != ” group by Col1 label count(Col2) […]

UNIV 112

When Kristin Reed, PhD, and I first met to discuss making a course trailer for UNIV 111/112, we focused on how we would represent a course that is taught by so many different professors, with so many ways of teaching Focused Inquiry, to so many students, all with their own unique stories and perspectives. Basically, our […]

My Professional Development Plan (one small part)

Last week, I sat down with a few of my colleagues in our center called ALT Lab here at VCU. The topic of conversation was: building things. Specifically, we asked: What do you want to build, do and learn that you typically do not have time for? Regardless of all the standard tasks and projects […]

#blimage Challenge #1: The Chalkboard

This is the blimage  (blog image) challenge: Use an image above sent to you and “incorporate it into your blog, and write a post about learning based on it…See what you can make of it! (Then pass an image of your choice on to someone else so they can do their own #blimage challenge).” Read […]

Christian Vande Velde Interview

With the UCI Road World Championships coming to Richmond this year, we have had several exciting projects come our way. One of which was a pitch to do a video series that informed the Richmond community about cycling from the perspective of our faculty in VCU Exercise Science. Edmund Acevedo, PhD, the Chair of Exercise […]

CAMH3: Hypnosis

You may be familiar with a practice known as “method acting,” which describes an actor’s process as he or she prepares for a role. Method actors embody their character both in and out of performance, adopting their character’s habits and decision-making abilities, and subjecting themselves to experiences that their character would regularly engage in. I […]

Benson, Discourse, and WordPress

It sounds like an exciting new buddy movie . . . but it’s an attempt to better integrate elements of our Discourse install in WordPress using Benson (a neat plugin Mark made that lets you use Angular w/in WordPress). I decided to look into this after seeing this example using Twig. Ordinarily, I’d do something […]

BIS Student

Our video is now LIVE on the BIS website! The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, BIS for short, is “an individualized and interdisciplinary program for students who cannot find a major at Virginia Commonwealth University that meets their goals.” That is how it is defined on the home page. And I am sure that that is […]

Flickr Group Widget – Round 1

flickr photo shared by Little Orange Crow under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC ) license The goal here was simply to take the Flickr API knowledge I’d gained earlier and apply it within a WordPress widget. In doing so, I learned a few things. The primary one being that I often harm myself by being […]

Exploring Interactive Text

The writing tool telescopic text came up in one of our team conversations recently, this led to a longer conversation about text and various ways in which text is represented online. This conversation made me flash back to Bret Victor’s idea of “explorable explanations” In his 2011 article he asks the question: what does it mean […]