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Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

In Spain, Entire Villages Are Up For Sale — And They’re Going Cheap : Parallels : NPR “Desperate times call for desperate measures, says Avelino Luis de Francisco Martinez, the mayor of Cortegada, a rural town in southern Galicia. An abandoned hamlet that’s part of his town isn’t for sale. He’s giving it away. “For […]

Blackboard, WordPress, or Both?

I recently chatted with some incoming faculty at an orientation event.  When I mentioned Rampages–our multi-site WordPress install–for course sites, some faculty asked why they would want to use this, given that Blackboard is the default LMS here at VCU.  Good question, so I thought I’d sketch out some of the thinking below.  —————————- Blackboard is the default […]

Working My Sites Filter

So previously I was struggling with stripping out the Participants blogs that the bbPress/BuddyPress combo was adding to the My Sites list. I got it working and added a bit to deal with it kicking out blogs a little too aggressively. First to get the actual name of the Participant slug, I made a page […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Pessimism Is Good For You – Neatorama “The constant admonitions to “think positive!” aren’t as useful in achieving your goals as we once thought. Of course, fatalism isn’t much help, either. But tempering one’s optimism with a real-world dose of pessimism may do the trick.” I think people confuse pessimism with realism. tags: weekly pessimism […]

Refining the My Sites List

The following plugin (network activated) will strip out all blogs from your My Sites list where you aren’t an admin. I cobbled it together from some stuff Mark did to generate a list of blogs for the Mother Blog plugin. While it would be great for me, it would not work all that well for […]

VC-U Talks

Our video crew had such a great time at VC-U Talks, this year. We don’t normally work on event recordings, but we were asked if we would do this as a favor to University College, and we happily said yes. I think it is tremendously important for us to stay in tune with what the […]

Blimage Challenge – Bow Tie as Content

[This is the blimage  (blog image) challenge: Use an image above sent to you and “incorporate it into your blog, and write a post about learning based on it…See what you can make of it! (Then pass an image of your choice on to someone else so they can do their own #blimage challenge).” Read […]