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Auto Screenshots & New Project Site

Before Mark left us for the green dusty start-up fields of Austin TX we had a conversation about creating a better, faster way to do our examples page. The idea of having a resource like this is always popular but people don’t add content.1 My current belief is that it’s because it’s a hassle and […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Overcoming Bias : Forsee The Speakularity ““There’s no way this means that everything we say is now in the open,” Hanson argues. “There’s a layer of what we say that’s in the open … but we’re always talking at several levels at once.” … Our brains adapted to writing, to libraries, and to the Web. […]


Current stats . . . 11,772 sites remain of 11,900 created 12,029 users 229 plugins (not all visible to all users) 229 Themes1 (not all visible to all users) 153 GBs of data You throw a few other elements in there . . . 4 other WordPress installs, a separate server with its own […]

What I saw on Monday

Roaming the vicinity of Virginia Commonwealth University, I found a spot just across from Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church where I could get a few action shots: USA. New Zealand. France. Australia. It’s fascinating to me to watch the time trials, watch the bicycles and their riders in their caravans: motorcycle, bike, car following. […]

Google Script Drop Box/Display Package

flickr photo shared by cogdogblog under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license Because I still read the posts from the good people over at HCPS I came across Doug’s post on a script that Michael Price wrote. The script sets up a form that lets anyone upload a file to a Google Folder.1 It […]

Photography – Week 92

I find these pet pictures interesting. They seem oddly private and at the same time sad. Your pets are on display trapped in your house. You don’t often see people practicing for boxing on the street around here. This one looks better larger. Fun light, lots of repeated shapes. Gyro guy looks oddly tender as […]