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Map a Folder Full of Images to Google Spreadsheet

Imagine you have a large folder of images in Google Drive. I don’t have to imagine this as I do thanks to an IFTTT recipe.1 Google tends to be kind of stingy with the kinds of filtering/interactions you can have with files in their folders and we know that if you get stuff in Google […]

Imagining My Professional Development

Where am I headed? Imagining My Future We often ask children: What do you want to be? We focus education on career as if having such a vision is sufficient for developing the intellectual skills, dispositions and insights necessary for engaged citizenship and happiness. My wife and I have given a lot of thought to the […]

Photography – Week 97

I’ve shot the Richmond Zombie Walk for the last few years and have used a few different lenses. This year I opted for the 85mm and went super shallow at 1.2. That made for some really interesting shots but also resulted in a large number of missed shots. The 85 is slow to focus and […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Learning to Code is Non-Linear – Buffer Posts – Medium Certainly true for me in a variety of areas of learning . . . “Programming was taught to me in a similar way?-?and for students to attain true understanding, this doesn’t feel like it’s the best way to learn. There is a literal learning curve […]

Faculty Development 101: See yourself within it

“Help students personally connect with the course content.” “Have students find personal examples that link to key ideas?” “Students can take ownership of their learning if they find the material meaningful.” The above mantras have been repeated many times. Great goals, and we see it in good instruction regularly if not daily. Do they apply […]

Adobe MAX Recap: Notice and Wonder

Early in our Adobe MAX experience, we (ALT LAB Creative Team) attended an education luncheon. The presenter of that session, reminded us to notice and wonder. Something that we often forget to do. We forget to notice and wonder about the things that are around us. Her message was a very simple reminder of something […]

Developing Criteria for Connected Learning Courses (Part 3)

The next iteration of my criteria for Connected Learning course designs is here, and I think I’m much closer.  For a full history of this process, start here and then move to here.  I like this one.  Remember that all of this is being done in the context of Virginia Commonwealth University, a context explained here. […]

Power & the Questions We Ask: How the Culture of Silence can Move Our Questions from Complex to Simple

To what extent can students determine the sophistication of the questions we ask?  More specifically: If a classroom culture is characterized as a culture of silence, then is there an extent to which this culture unintentionally determines the types of questions instructors ask in any given class meeting? The complexities embedded within the above questions are many. For […]