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The great search

“Van Morrison is interested, obsessed with how much musical or verbal information he can compress into a small space, and, almost conversely, how far he can spread one note, word, sound, or picture. To capture one moment, be it a caress or a twitch. He repeats certain phrases to extremes that from anybody else would seem […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Spurious Correlations tags: weekly rajive data openuptru tru research correlation causation ‘free to develop a hothouse plant that bore little resemblance to anything that grew in the natural soil’ “Protected from the harsh winds of the markets, legal educatorswere free to develop a hothouse plant that bore little resemblance toanything that grew in the natural […]


I’m rich, white, happily married, have three healthy kids, and work out five times a week. It’s Thanksgiving every goddamned day for me. — Malibu Barbie (@lakarune) November 26, 2015 Yesterday was U.S. Thanksgiving and I have to admit that between the house guests, the cooking, the cleaning, and the finishing of Chapter 4 of […]

#openupTRU – Simpler WordPress Writing POC

I’ve had a number of requests to simplify WordPress, to make it more Tumblr like. I get that. It was mentioned again while I was at Thompson Rivers University and that inspired me to get it done. WordPress has a lot more complexity than Tumblr and that allows you to do a lot more. Doing […]


I’m feeling especially thankful at this point in time. Undergoing major surgery probably does that to people. Regardless, at the risk of leaving out people and/or things… Thanks to the doctors, nurses and staff at Parham Doctors Hospital. Since arriving there by ambulance on August 24 in extraordinary pain, y’all have been incredibly kind, competent and […]

Gregory Bateson I

Some men seem able to go on working steadily with little success and no reassurance from outside. I am not one of these. I have needed to know that somebody else believed that my work had promise and direction, and I have often been surprised that others had faith in me when I had very […]

#OpenEd15 – Now what?

Here’s what #OpenEd15 has me thinking I/we need to do at VCU. We ought to do a survey of current open-content and align it with high drop/withdraw/fail courses. We ought to fill gaps there with stuff that we (ALT Lab, professors, students) make. We ought to have multi-modal direct-instruction-media creation challenges. I want to do […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Obfuscation. A User’s Guide for Privacy and Protest | We Make Money Not Art “Obfuscation: A User’s Guide for Privacy and Protest is an important and straight to the point book that reminds us that, ultimately, we’re up against intimidating asymmetries of power and knowledge. Stronger actors -whether they are corporations, governmental bodies or influential […]

Faculty Development – Reflections on Our Work

I recently co-facilitated a workshop of sorts at the 2015 POD Network annual conference in San Francisco, CA. The workshop was for faculty developers or those interested in it. Although the topic focused on exploring the power and possibilities of unconference models as a transformative approach to faculty development, this post discusses the results of […]