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Faculty Development & Center Organization: How do we see ourselves? OR What if we thought of PCK and TPACK as people?

PCK Schulman,1986 & TPACK Reproduced by permission of the publisher, © 2012 by I am continually struck by the theoretical and practical power of the PCK and TPACK models the more I work with faculty, departments and various units, and the more I teach. PCK and TPCK are largely (if not completely) unknown to most faculty […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

How Early Academic Training Retards Intellectual Development | Psychology Today “Intellectual skills, in contrast, have to do with a person’s ways of reasoning, hypothesizing, exploring, understanding, and, in general, making sense of the world.  Every child is, by nature, an intellectual being–a curious, sense-making person, who is continuously seeking to understand his or her physical […]

Channeling Audubon

Before I left for SIGGRAPH, our creative team had been given the awesome task of creating several videos for the Department of Biology. These videos highlight some of the exciting research and field work that undergraduate and professional students embark on as they pursue their concentrations of interest. These are the types of assignments that […]

Adobe Character Animator: Bridging the Gap and Bringing to Life

A little over a month ago, the Innovative Learning Media team had the awesome opportunity to attend Adobe MAX in Los Angeles. We were treated to a smorgasbord of Adobe product-related talks, demos, presentations, and more — which, for a team that almost exclusively uses Adobe software, was so. Awesome. Often times at conferences it’s easy […]

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly) Legal analysis of 99 problems tags: law rap jay-z 99 legal weekly How well do you really know your country? Take our quiz | World news | The Guardian tags: sociology nation knowledge perception weekly country Zofia Rydet | Sociological Record ” when Rydet was 67—when she began to work on what would become […]

Can Non-Film Majors Create Engaging Documentaries?

I am a media specialist here at VCU ALT Lab and I work alongside our creative team which consists of Molly B. Ransone, Alana Robinson, and Emma Gauthier to produce video content. The potential to work directly with students was one of the things that attracted me the most to this position so when Molly asked me to be […]

Color Thief WordPress Plugin

Color Thief is a slick javascript that grabs a color palette from images. I found it after talking to an art professor who was looking to help future art teachers reflect on their work in different ways. Color palettes seemed an interesting way to get at that. I was talking to Larry about this earlier […]

Defining Connectivity (More Completely)

First, I described how VCU, my home institution, wound up “being at the intersection of Connected Learning and Open Education.”  Then I discussed what educational theory and practice look like at the intersection. Then I identified connectivity as the essential, unifying pedagogical theme found at the center of connected and open learning. Connectivity is what we want to happen and […]