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DIY Bunk Bed Construction

Like the music post a while back, I’m not going to attempt to tie this to education in any way. I’ll start this off with a caveat similar to my posts on programming . . . I’m just a guy trying to do stuff. Almost all of it is on the very edge of, perhaps […]

Request: Pages to Gallery Page

I’m trying to do a better job documenting how to do some of the things people ask me to do. I’m doing it anyway, might as well do the documentation and share the love. This was request to make a gallery page from/for a series of interviews on listening for a music appreciation course conducted […]

Weaving Tangled Webs

This is why things are more difficult than they might be . . . a story of why I have no idea about anything or maybe it’s a parable of complexity and human frailty. In the beginning, we created a WordPress Multisite install and turned on BuddyPress. To make the groups works correctly we network […]

The fuzzy math of online learning enrollments

How many students are currently taking online courses? How many online programs does the university offer? How many students are enrolled in online programs? These are the kinds of questions those of us in the world of online learning are asked regularly. They seem like innocuous and straightforward questions. They’re not though. Answering these questions […]

Steadicam Obstacle Course!

In the beginning, film directors only had two options for moving the camera: Put the camera on a dolly, which takes up much time and space to set up, or film handheld, which results in shaky footage. In 1975 Garrett Brown gave filmmakers a third way to move the camera, the steadicam. The steadicam is a type of […]

WordPress for Syllabus Submission

This post is specifically about addressing a syllabus submission problem but it’s worth thinking about more broadly. It should be pretty applicable to any structured data entry problem you have. These are often administrative chores (like this one) but could also be about cataloging grave markers or indexing resources or Collecting the syllabi for their […]

Video Assignments

VCU students produced these five documentary video projects that I am so proud to share, since I know that they learned so much through the process of making them, with no prior video production experience. And I learned so much while supporting the faculty member so that this assignment could be the awesome learning experience […]

Building a Repository of Student Handouts

Although I have not defended my dissertation research (scheduled for February 12, 2016), I have begun to look beyond it towards the next steps in the developing my connected learning assessment toolkit for VCU faculty, students, and staff engaged in connected courses. Further work requires piloted implementation, and implementation requires informational materials for faculty and students. […]