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An experiment with furniture configuration and classroom design

Does space influence instruction or does instruction influence space?  This question was brought up in a conversation the other day on room design. The easy answer is that both are correct but that doesn’t fully explain the dynamic between a learning environment and the activity that takes place within it. The relationship between a learning space […]

The More Things Change

From my original blog in a post from May 20, 2005 (thanks to the Internet Archive) In my extensive experience blogging (nearly two weeks now) I have managed to learn a few things. 1. Blogging has changed the way I read and think. Some of the people I read have been kind enough to come […]

Keeping Up with the Forum

In both VCU OLE and the Preparing Future Faculty course I co-teach, the question of managing online, asynchronous participation has come up. It has been pointed out– rightly– that online participation can be overwhelming to moderate, with posts coming in at different times, or just the sheer volume given the size of the course. How does one balance […]


On defining digital affordances

Affordances.  Credit: At VCU Academic Learning Transformation Lab, we tend to use the word “affordance”  – as in the “affordances of the open web” a lot. I’m not sure if I ever asked (or researched) what that word meant when I joined the team.  Rather, like most things ubiquitous to our environments, I figured […]

CSV Parser Shortcode Plugin

flickr photo shared by The Library of Congress with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons) The title just rolls off the tongue, yes? But what it does is kind of interesting. It’s not a drag/drop solution but it starts to show how we can better knit different services together. In this case, I run a Google […]

Allowing Cross Origin Access to WordPress Feeds

flickr photo shared by The U.S. National Archives with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons) I believe this is safe but I’m no security expert. Every thing I could find on XSS issues was focused on stealing passwords. WordPress feeds are all public and require no login so I think it’s all good. StackOverflow seems to […]

Discography to WordPress

flickr photo shared by Thomas Hawk under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC ) license This is in response to something Adam Croom wrote two(?) days ago. I thought it’d be an interesting proof of concept and would let me figure out some things with a purpose. I also like to have a few projects going […]

Recording/Projecting iOS screens with Quicktime Player

Quicktime on the Mac is one of those tools that many Mac users don’t fully utilize. I have met lots of instructors who are Mac users who are unaware that they can use Quicktime to create quick screencasts. Recently I discovered another neat thing you can do with Quicktime is to use it to project/record […]

Weekly Web Harvest for 2016-03-20

Angola’s Wikipedia Pirates Are Exposing the Problems With Digital Colonialism | Motherboard Wikimedia and Facebook have given Angolans free access to their websites, but not to the rest of the internet. So, naturally, Angolans have started hiding pirated movies and music in Wikipedia articles and linking to them on closed Facebook groups, creating a totally […]