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Weekly Web Harvest for 2016-04-17

The powerful hacker culture ~ Stephen Downes If you want progress, Lemire argues, “you need people who thrive when they solve hard practical problems.” Hackers thrive by getting something done. “And once it is done, academics will take the credit.” – h/t Downes Harvard. I Mean, Really. | HESA The largest ever university capital campaign […]

I am #IndieEdTech

A SCENE, NOT A HASHTAG I first saw #IndieEdTech on a Tom Woodward tweet, which may be why it caught my attention. I work with Tom at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Academic Learning Transformation Lab and have never known him to be a casual hashtagger. As I contemplated the hashtag, I remembered he was attending the Indie EdTech […]

Contextoo: A tool for adding value to student responses

Engagement is a term championed in education circles as the solution for student apathy and inattentiveness in class. “If they are engaged, they will learn!” Engagement is important, but only as the initial stage of a bigger process. I argue that engagement is only a slightly more committed form of attentiveness. Engaged students are aware […]

A Bit More on the Personal API

Keep trying to growths “personal API” stuff, but it feels like a strained replacement for “organization”. — Area Man (@xwordy) April 19, 2016 The tweet above and Alan’s comment on the post (below) and figured I haven’t really made a chunk of why I’m doing this clear or even what I’m doing clear. I’m […]

Personal API: Progress in Pursuit of Nirvana

I’m going to give periodic updates on the personal API journey as way to make myself accountable and document progress. As Kin Lane reminded me this is a journey and so I’ve decided there are strange parallels between my API/Reclaiming-my-content work and the path to enlightenment.1 Like a Buddhist with very low expectations, I seek […]

Thinking About Digital Literacy

I was asked to speak at the VCU School of Education’s Teaching Literacy in a Digital World Conference this past Saturday. I’ve haven’t spent much time thinking about “digital literacy” in the past few years. It’s been somewhat mashed together with other terms that overlap like- digital fluency, computational thinking, etc. – and like those […]