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Why Embed Images & Videos

As the Connected Learning coach for Virginia Commonwealth University’s Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community Engaged Research, I need to talk about the role of images and videos in digital communication – specifically blog posts – sooner rather than later. Traditionally, academics have been taught to privilege text over other forms of communication for many reasons.  Paper-based […]

Weekly Web Harvest for 2016-05-22

New Study Finds Citizen Scientists Can Be Very Accurate | Mental Floss A new analysis of the work of these citizen scientists shows that trusting untrained strangers with scientific data isn’t a terrible idea. As the study in Conservation Biology notes, overall, volunteers classified 98 percent of the images accurately, based on a comparison with […]

Why A Course Hashtag

Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community Engaged Research, VCU’s openly networked connected course, had its first twitter chat last Thursday with the course hashtag, #curiouscolab.  It was an AMAZING first Twitter chat, particularly since so many people were new to the concept.  However, as is usual when starting a course many of us sometimes forgot to use […]

The innovation baby and the ed. tech. bath water

I encounter a lot of resistance to the work that I do. It comes in many forms, and in many spaces. It happens within my workplace and out in the larger world. It happens online and offline. The resistance ranges from subtweets from colleagues within my institution to articles and op-eds by prominent scholars in mainstream […]


Greetings from the #CuriousCoLab Connected Learning Coach

A quick shout out to all the participants – enrolled students, open participants, and curious observers – who are starting Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community Engaged Research this week! Collaborative Curiosity (or #curiouscolab on Twitter) is a open online course (I hesitate to call it a MOOC because it is NEITHER massive NOR what most people […]

Ed. tech. research and the black box of the class(room)

Let me just get this out of the way: there may be some who read this post and say, “Well, Jon, of course that’s what you think about this study. The conclusion doesn’t jive with your beliefs in and advocacy for educational technology.” Confirmation bias, yada, yada, yada… Study? Yeah, this one. Featured today in […]

The Footprint of a Connected Learning Course

Ask a student what makes a good college course and you’re likely to get an answer that revolves around individual student experience.  Most learners want learning experiences that invite them to engage actively with course-related topics, provide them with opportunities to give and receive meaningful feedback, and make direct connections between course assignments and students’ […]

Weekly Web Harvest for 2016-05-15

How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist — Medium This is far more than “technology” . . . The “most empowering” menu is different than the menu that has the most choices. But when we blindly surrender to the menus we’re given, it’s easy to lose track of the […]