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The benefits of concept mapping (as a concept map)

Practice what you preach. It didn’t seem right to argue for the values of concept mapping in education through a series of bulleted lists. Since concept mapping can provide a multitude of benefits to numerous stakeholders I felt it fitting to describe those relationships using the very tool in question. With that I bring you […]

Google Folder to Google Doc Script- The Video

Because I really thought the script to take Google Folder contents and automatically generate a document with headings that match the folder names and automatically linked source documents1 was far cooler than anyone realized . . . I decided to make a poor quality video chastising you and proving the interestingness beyond doubt. Keep in […]

Weekly Web Harvest for 2016-06-19

Don’t scar on the first cut — Signal v. Noise Policies are organizational scar tissue. They are codified overreactions to situations that are unlikely to happen again. They are collective punishment for the misdeeds of an individual. This is how bureaucracies are born. No one sets out to create a bureaucracy. They sneak up on […]

Display Google Sheets JSON with JQUERY

I’ve been doing my Google JSON display using Angular but I wanted to see what I could do with jQuery. This is based on the post here by Amit (to whom I am grateful for all the great stuff he puts out) with minor updates due to changes in how Google does things. Do make […]

Beer Bubbles CSS

Another random conversation led to this experiment . . . it’s animated CSS which is pretty cool but I can’t take any credit for it. I found this example on Codepen and then mainly gutted it to make what you see below (also a minor experiment with flexbox). See the Pen CSS Animated Beer Pour […]

Appropriating Appropriate Styles – Quickly

Suppose you had to build a web page pretty quickly (an hour or so) and suppose you had to have it mostly match the theme from some other site you had nothing to do with. You’ll want it to be responsive etc. You’ll do the whole University-brand identity thing. Suppose you’re a pretend web developer. […]

Import Blackboard Common Cartridge into WordPress

flickr photo shared by Internet Archive Book Images with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons) It’s far from pretty and I don’t know how well it’ll play with other courses but . . . here’s the plugin I used to import a few Blackboard course exports into WordPress. It’s nothing magical but I think it should […]

Clarifying Terminology: Mind Maps and Concept Maps

Terminology has a tendency to blend together when the person using it does not have a deep investment in the field from which the language originates. A person with little interest in technology, regardless of their daily interact with it, may refer to everything that plugs in on their desk as a “computer” while an IT […]

Google Script CV Workflow POC

flickr photo shared by The National Archives UK with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons) Suppose you wanted to automate a chunk of your CV creation. Suppose they’d let you do it digitally via Google Docs (if not aspects of this could still work but it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting) and that you’d like to […]