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Weekly Web Harvest for 2016-10-23

Of Course Westworld’s Costumes Are 3D-Printed, Too – Racked With the exception of some places in Italy or maybe England, you honestly can’t find beautiful, intricate fabrics anymore. It’s really sad! So we had to hire 3D printers in Los Angeles to reprint all our vintage fabrics so we could have more — and then […]

This is tweet #100,000

[featured image courtesy of Tijakool Yiyuan ]   If I did this right, I will have hit publish on this blog post when I’m at 99,999 tweets and IFTTT will have automatically pushed out a tweet announcing that I’ve written this post. My 100,000th tweet shouldn’t be a particularly big deal, but I have a thing about […]

Answer Garden: A case for simplicity in EdTech

Forgive me if I’ve grown disillusioned with ‘new features.’ It seems that every technology that rises to prominence based on a simple yet effective solution feels the need to expand services until it looks like every other bloated tool on the market. This doesn’t mean that tools should stand alone. Applications that can pass data to […]

Making Google Scripts & Google Sidebars Talk

flickr photo shared by Internet Archive Book Images with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons) Sometimes you want a Google Sidebar element to be able to pull variables from a Google Script. The key element is I’m still not entirely sure I have this in my head deeply/correctly but this is functional and might help […]

Interactive Google Sheets Dashboards

It’s pretty easy to put a bunch of data and charts in a spreadsheet and call it a dashboard. It became a more interesting challenge to make those charts change to reflect variables chosen via dropdown cell menus. The key it turns out is using =query. I can do some really powerful things with query […]

Weekly Web Harvest for 2016-10-16

Infinite Jukebox for Make It Funky by John Lee Hooker fun tool h/t John Freyer WordPress Without Shame Ultimately, as a director, I am obligated to consider all the technologies that can help our client achieve our goals—including the old, boring ones. Enter WordPress. Monday Night Raw To Host Presidential Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match […]

Spreadsheet Karma

=QUERY({C:C,C:C},”select Col1, count(Col2) where Col1 ” group by Col1″,1) This is just so handy for getting all the unique values from a column and spitting them out with the counts of their occurrences.1 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this a much harder way. I saw the function above as an answer […]

With this technology, I thee wed

“I like you but I’m not ready for a commitment.” I find myself saying this often; not to people but to applications. Yes, I sometimes talk to technology. I find myself having this conversation not because the tool doesn’t accomplish something interesting or include a unique feature but because it wants me to shift all […]


Yesterday’s post was a semi-serious attempt to synthesize the narrative around “academic innovation” in higher education. I say it was semi-serious because it presents a product of research that wasn’t particularly systematic, and also because I’m not sure we really need such scorecards. I just figured it might be useful for folks to see my […]

The Academic Innovation Landscape

For a number of reasons, over the last few years, I’ve been tracking the narrative around “innovation” in higher education. The 84 bookmarks in Diigo tagged with “innovation” probably represent a fraction of what I’ve read. Just in the last few weeks, I’ve read about how: Boise State’s innovation guru is pushing a start-up approach […]