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A Thousand Sets of Eyes

This is not my first blog. It isn’t my second or third either. I believe it is my fourth, but I could be wrong about that as well. Each of the others followed a similar life cycle. Born in a moment of inspiration, they burned hot; churning out posts for all to see or not […]

Answer Garden: A case for simplicity in EdTech

Forgive me if I’ve grown disillusioned with ‘new features.’ It seems that every technology that rises to prominence based on a simple yet effective solution feels the need to expand services until it looks like every other bloated tool on the market. This doesn’t mean that tools should stand alone. Applications that can pass data to […]

With this technology, I thee wed

“I like you but I’m not ready for a commitment.” I find myself saying this often; not to people but to applications. Yes, I sometimes talk to technology. I find myself having this conversation not because the tool doesn’t accomplish something interesting or include a unique feature but because it wants me to shift all […]

Rethinking Lecture Capture: Questioning the Audience

A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of instructor presence when recording a lecture. The central idea being that a class experience intended for an in-person audience then recorded provides a limited amount of value to students who were not present and are receiving the information for the first time. For a recorded […]

Developing a question-centered engaged lecture

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak as part of a presentation on the art of the engaged lecture. The central theme of the presentation was to get students involved in the class session by questioning their assumptions; creating an interactive experience where the instructor and students both play a vital role in the learning […]