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cri de cœur

“Anguish” By August Friedrich Albrecht Schenck (1828 – 1901). Details of artist on Google Art Project [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. I don’t really like polemic, most of the time. I think it often just feeds the beast, as Martha might say. I don’t like polarization or pointing fingers. I truly aspire to “generous questions … questions […]

Recording/Projecting iOS screens with Quicktime Player

Quicktime on the Mac is one of those tools that many Mac users don’t fully utilize. I have met lots of instructors who are Mac users who are unaware that they can use Quicktime to create quick screencasts. Recently I discovered another neat thing you can do with Quicktime is to use it to project/record […]

Coalescing Learning Spaces

I wrote a blog post awhile back about David White’s Visitors and Residents framework. I had always assumed that within this framework the word “spaces” referred to just the digital/online environment, however in another post he describes space as any location where people are or where we go to be co-present with others and this […]

A brief look at chardin.js

I recently came across a neat little tool called chardin.js which allows users to insert instructions on pages to provide direction to users. Chardin.js is used to overlay instructions over elements on a page using visual guides which can be modified depending on the required needs. I decided to have some fun with it and used […]

A taxonomy of student engagement

Last November I had the honor to be the keynote speaker at the University of North Florida’s 3rd annual Academic Technology Innovation Summit. The event brought me into contact with a number of talented faculty, grad students, and staff at UNF, and the sessions I was able to attend (I was on an unusually tight […]

What I saw on Monday

Roaming the vicinity of Virginia Commonwealth University, I found a spot just across from Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church where I could get a few action shots: USA. New Zealand. France. Australia. It’s fascinating to me to watch the time trials, watch the bicycles and their riders in their caravans: motorcycle, bike, car following. […]

Weekly Bookmarks (weekly)

Taucharts — Javascript charts with a focus on design and flexibility. “Javascript charts with a focus on data, design and flexibility” tags:3rdspace charts data visualization How it Works “How Long to Read is a search engine that allows you to find almost any book and get your reading time for each one. Use the search bar on […]

Exploring Interactive Text

The writing tool telescopic text came up in one of our team conversations recently, this led to a longer conversation about text and various ways in which text is represented online. This conversation made me flash back to Bret Victor’s idea of “explorable explanations” In his 2011 article he asks the question: what does it mean […]

Mapping Instagram Posts

Last week I spoke with a faculty member involved in the VCU Bike Race Book project who wanted a way to map her students tweets during the course. After a couple of web searches it seems that a lot of the web services that offer tweet mapping either map just one users tweets or charge a […]

Weekly Bookmark Highlights (weekly)

The Problem With Putting All the World’s Code in GitHub | WIRED “possible to follow the development of a particular piece of software and see how it all came together. That’s made it an irreplaceable teaching tool.” tags:3rdspace GitHub Code This video game is so small it fits inside a tweet “In the same way […]