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Unsolicited Advice: Five Guidelines for Teaching

Everyone loves a listicle, right?  No?  Oh well, I was writing up some concluding thoughts for our faculty Online Learning Experience and I found myself jotting down brief notes on key ideas I hoped they’d take away from the experience.  It turned into a combination of things I’ve learned in my time as part of ALT […]

We Fail Students by Not Grappling with Technology

Americans are terrible at using technology.   Yes, that’s a sweeping generalization that needs unpacking but it got some empirical evidence this week when the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC)–which is coordinated by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)–released its latest findings. Among the things the nationally representative study in […]

Managing Expectations When Teaching with Technology

After recently working with a couple of faculty grappling with tech issues early in a course, I found myself repeating some basic advice for “next time.”  Maybe these can be of help to others. Whenever you introduce technology that is new to students, it helps to plan ahead for how to handle the inevitable questions […]

Blackboard, WordPress, or Both?

I recently chatted with some incoming faculty at an orientation event.  When I mentioned Rampages–our multi-site WordPress install–for course sites, some faculty asked why they would want to use this, given that Blackboard is the default LMS here at VCU.  Good question, so I thought I’d sketch out some of the thinking below.  —————————- Blackboard is the default […]

Course self-introduction

I’m helping with ALT Lab‘s Online Learning Experience (OLE) for faculty at the same time as I’m teaching an undergraduate online introduction to sociology course.  We’re encouraging faculty to use a brief video to introduce themselves to students in their own courses and establish some basic social presence. Instead of creating a separate video to say hello […]

What if We Had Social Justice MOOCs?

Social movement organizations face the task of convincing people that their particular issue is: an injustice or crisis to which there are alternatives or solutions and that an individual’s participation is significant and meaningful in helping to achieve change. They also must help build the skill set of people who already agree with them and […]