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A professor in Massachusetts

I went to the woods to see the woods Thoreau went to, hoping to feel more of the why that he felt. Thoreau didn’t erect that sign, of course. Someone else did, later. Did they betray him or his work by doing so? Did Thoreau even write those words without irony? Was / is Walden a […]

The 30,000 Foot Foundation

–It’s a bag of gold. –What would I do with a bag of gold? –What would you like to do with a bag of gold? –I don’t have time for your philosophical questions. The aim, therefore, of the philosophy of education must be to get at the meanings, the assumptions, the commitments which are implicit, […]

Leakiness of Connected Learning

I’ve finished a draft of part one of my chapter two on “What is Connected Learning? ” The second half will be devoted to “How do we Assess Connected Learning?” particularly in US higher education settings.I’m planning on putting it out there for you to see and comment (more…)

Credential or Certificate

I continue to think about what we mean by a “degree.” Or rather, I think about what a degree might or should mean, and what we in higher ed increasingly act as if it means, and how that disjunction (if it is one, which I think it is) plays out across our practices, our assumptions, […]

Online Teaching and "Body Language"

Image description: A quotation by Jenifer Ringer, “Terry taught ballet as if it were very important and precious.” Vignette 1: “Terry taught ballet as if it were very important and precious.” – Jenifer Ringer, Dancing Through It: My Journey in the Ballet.  Image Description: Feet clad in ballet shoes standing on pointe position A line […]

Program Design in 21st Century Higher Education

I feel the need to reiterate my disclaimer: I write this blog post to share my own generalized thoughts about educational program design and do not represent any institution as I ponder design for the future. Yesterday, my colleagues discussed their foray into the topic of designing a new program within the university. Obviously, program […]

The Rhythm of the Web

Yesterday I had a brief conversation with Gardner Campbell regarding a statement that he had made in a Google Hangout (see: time 49:30) within connected courses #ccourses. He talked about participation on the web as something that moves at different speeds. This idea really resonated with me and has had my head buzzing throughout the […]

Teachers, Leaders

“May I have the power to exchange my best with your best.” –Nadia Boulanger I have been mulling over this great and greatly insightful post for a couple of days. What follows is a slightly modified version of my comment there. Please go read it and share your own thoughts however and wherever you like. […]