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Why A Course Hashtag

Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community Engaged Research, VCU’s openly networked connected course, had its first twitter chat last Thursday with the course hashtag, #curiouscolab.  It was an AMAZING first Twitter chat, particularly since so many people were new to the concept.  However, as is usual when starting a course many of us sometimes forgot to use […]

The Footprint of a Connected Learning Course

Ask a student what makes a good college course and you’re likely to get an answer that revolves around individual student experience.  Most learners want learning experiences that invite them to engage actively with course-related topics, provide them with opportunities to give and receive meaningful feedback, and make direct connections between course assignments and students’ […]

A Framework for Identifying and Evaluating Openly Networked Connected Learning Course Designs

I’ve spent the last few weeks giving presentations on connected learning, connected courses, connectivity, etc.  Some might consider it boring to present on the same topic multiple times every week, but here’s the surprising thing – I’ve yet to give the same presentation more than once.  Each time I (re)visit the material, I discover another […]

The Deconstructed Dissertation

It’s been 17 days since I’ve successfully defended my dissertation.  Since then, I’ve made my edits, published the dissertation under a CC-BY-SA license on four platforms (ProQuest, the university repository, academia.edu, and my own website, although it’s not showing up on the first two yet),  presented at the AACU General Education and Assessment Meeting in New […]

A Connected Conference Presentation

Tomorrow, Autumm Caines, Jim Luke and I will be presenting on “Digital Approaches to Access, Engagement, & Scholarship: Learning in Openly Networked Connected Spaces” at the American Association of Colleges & Universities (AACU) General Education and Assessment Meeting in New Orleans.  We are excited and eager to engage around this topic, which is near and dear […]

Building a Repository of Student Handouts

Although I have not defended my dissertation research (scheduled for February 12, 2016), I have begun to look beyond it towards the next steps in the developing my connected learning assessment toolkit for VCU faculty, students, and staff engaged in connected courses. Further work requires piloted implementation, and implementation requires informational materials for faculty and students. […]