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Downloading and Printing: Thoughts on Info Dissemination

Photo credit: Laura Gogia (CC Attribution-SA 4.0) We are moving towards the midpoint in Collaborative Curiosity. You should be spending time thinking about how you might best disseminate information to and with your potential community partners. There are times when we want our readers to be able to download and print our materials from our […]

Why Embed Images & Videos

As the Connected Learning coach for Virginia Commonwealth University’s Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community Engaged Research, I need to talk about the role of images and videos in digital communication – specifically blog posts – sooner rather than later. Traditionally, academics have been taught to privilege text over other forms of communication for many reasons.  Paper-based […]

Why A Course Hashtag

Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community Engaged Research, VCU’s openly networked connected course, had its first twitter chat last Thursday with the course hashtag, #curiouscolab.  It was an AMAZING first Twitter chat, particularly since so many people were new to the concept.  However, as is usual when starting a course many of us sometimes forgot to use […]


Greetings from the #CuriousCoLab Connected Learning Coach

A quick shout out to all the participants – enrolled students, open participants, and curious observers – who are starting Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community Engaged Research this week! Collaborative Curiosity (or #curiouscolab on Twitter) is a open online course (I hesitate to call it a MOOC because it is NEITHER massive NOR what most people […]

The Footprint of a Connected Learning Course

Ask a student what makes a good college course and you’re likely to get an answer that revolves around individual student experience.  Most learners want learning experiences that invite them to engage actively with course-related topics, provide them with opportunities to give and receive meaningful feedback, and make direct connections between course assignments and students’ […]


On defining digital affordances

Affordances.  Credit: http://www.infragesics.com At VCU Academic Learning Transformation Lab, we tend to use the word “affordance”  – as in the “affordances of the open web” a lot. I’m not sure if I ever asked (or researched) what that word meant when I joined the team.  Rather, like most things ubiquitous to our environments, I figured […]

A Framework for Identifying and Evaluating Openly Networked Connected Learning Course Designs

I’ve spent the last few weeks giving presentations on connected learning, connected courses, connectivity, etc.  Some might consider it boring to present on the same topic multiple times every week, but here’s the surprising thing – I’ve yet to give the same presentation more than once.  Each time I (re)visit the material, I discover another […]

Why a Photo Safari at the #OLCInnovate #PlugIN

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog post describing some features of the digital participatory,  or #PlugIN,  experience that we will explore at the OLC Innovate conference in New Orleans, April 20-22, 2016 .  So far, I’ve gotten fairly positive feedback – people seem to be curious about how digital makes, aggregated backchannels, and crowdsourced notetaking will work out at […]

Crowdsourcing, Annotating, Creating (Oh My)

I learn-play on the web.  We all know this to be true.  Sometimes I try to make sense of my activities in digital space in terms of what I’ve read, seen, and heard.  Then, because sometimes I feel like I’ve been put on this earth to generate original handouts and pamphlets on a variety of […]