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Answer Garden: A case for simplicity in EdTech

Forgive me if I’ve grown disillusioned with ‘new features.’ It seems that every technology that rises to prominence based on a simple yet effective solution feels the need to expand services until it looks like every other bloated tool on the market. This doesn’t mean that tools should stand alone. Applications that can pass data to […]

Classroom opportunities for using student response tools

As the enrollment of a class increases, the ability to elicit student feedback and provide a personalized learning experience without assistance becomes increasing more challenging. Student response tools (also known as student response systems, class response system, polling software, clickers, etc…) include any application that allows for the input of individual or group responses that can […]

Opportunities for Synchronous Learning in an Online Course

Last week I wrote about the changes that occur when synchronous elements are introduced to a previously asynchronous online course. Broad course themes (flexibility, accountability, and community) are shaken when a course includes live, interactive opportunities between students and the instructor. While synchronous events can prove powerful, without intent they can dissolve into two people […]

Concept mapping tools: What to choose?

Concept mapping stands apart from other visual mapping practices in that it includes connections between elements across the hierarchy. These cross links emphasize the complexity and nonlinear nature of many concepts, issues, and processes. Concept maps can be relatively simple, feature a few concepts and cross links, or can appear to take on the complexity […]

The innovation baby and the ed. tech. bath water

I encounter a lot of resistance to the work that I do. It comes in many forms, and in many spaces. It happens within my workplace and out in the larger world. It happens online and offline. The resistance ranges from subtweets from colleagues within my institution to articles and op-eds by prominent scholars in mainstream […]

Contextoo: A tool for adding value to student responses

Engagement is a term championed in education circles as the solution for student apathy and inattentiveness in class. “If they are engaged, they will learn!” Engagement is important, but only as the initial stage of a bigger process. I argue that engagement is only a slightly more committed form of attentiveness. Engaged students are aware […]

OLC Innovate: Student Voice & the Virtual Experience

OLC Innovate is debuting in several weeks (April 20 – April 22, 2016) in New Orleans.  As a member of the steering committee, I am both excited and nervous to see how things unfold.  Several days ago, Maha Bali asked me to participate in a special “fishbowl”  Virtually Connecting session on Thursday (April 21) at 11:15, designed […]