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Courses in WordPress

In the same vein as my last post,1 WordPress lets you set up courses just about any way you might want. There are some typical patterns people use but there are also a variety of other options that fit individual needs or just make people happy. I’ve done quite a few different scenarios over the […]

A Marvel(ous) and Universe(al) Education

[Warning: I’m about to partake in the most banal form of edublogging: observe a phenomenon –> wonder how it might apply to education –> blog it out. But, it’s my blog and I’m in a bad mood. So, deal with it…]   I was not a big comics or superhero guy growing up. I read […]

The innovation baby and the ed. tech. bath water

I encounter a lot of resistance to the work that I do. It comes in many forms, and in many spaces. It happens within my workplace and out in the larger world. It happens online and offline. The resistance ranges from subtweets from colleagues within my institution to articles and op-eds by prominent scholars in mainstream […]

Ed. tech. research and the black box of the class(room)

Let me just get this out of the way: there may be some who read this post and say, “Well, Jon, of course that’s what you think about this study. The conclusion doesn’t jive with your beliefs in and advocacy for educational technology.” Confirmation bias, yada, yada, yada… Study? Yeah, this one. Featured today in […]

Ranty Blog Post about Big Data, Learning Analytics, & Higher Ed

If it’s not actually titled Ranty Blog Post about Big Data, Learning Analytics, & Higher Ed, I will be disappointed. https://t.co/9zxUdXsdAF — Kyle Johnson (@kyleejohnson) March 22, 2016 Well, here you go, Kyle… … <rant> You know what I’m sick of? Technical solutionism in higher education. Not necessarily “technological solutionism” as Evgeny Morozov writes and […]

We Fail Students by Not Grappling with Technology

Americans are terrible at using technology.   Yes, that’s a sweeping generalization that needs unpacking but it got some empirical evidence this week when the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC)–which is coordinated by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)–released its latest findings. Among the things the nationally representative study in […]

The fuzzy math of online learning enrollments

How many students are currently taking online courses? How many online programs does the university offer? How many students are enrolled in online programs? These are the kinds of questions those of us in the world of online learning are asked regularly. They seem like innocuous and straightforward questions. They’re not though. Answering these questions […]

Snow day?

Trying to understand what it means in this day and age for an organization to be “closed” for weather? Are we supposed to not work? — Jon Becker (@jonbecker) January 22, 2016   Due to #JonasBlizzard, VCU closed on Friday and is closed again today. We got bunches of snow in a city not well […]

New media and higher education

It’s trite at this point to compare education and journalism as “industries” struggling to adapt in increasingly digital times. So, when Chris Hughes took to Medium to announce that he was looking to sell The New Republic, it was too easy to read the following sentence and to replace “company” with “institution,” or, better, “university.” […]