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Teaching and My Journey with Technology

(Speaking with pre-service teachers in the Ukraine 2011.)   My journey teaching with technology is new. I’ll own that. In fact, I remain in a fairly steep learning curve, although I am intentionally taking baby steps. My approach to any innovative teaching and learning practice is to understand the type of thinking it targets or […]

Saying the known in an unknown way

Maya Angelou once said of meaningful writing: “The writer has to take these most known things and put them together in such a way that the reader says ‘I never thought of it that way.’ That’s a real challenge.” (1 minute mark here) Angelou’s comment sparked two questions: How skilled am I at reframing my […]

Zoom zoom zoom?

As part of the Spring 2016 VCU Online Learning Experience (OLE), I participated in a synchronous video chat using Zoom. While it was the first time I used Zoom, it was not my first time using video chat for communication. I have used Google hangouts, appear.in, Facetime, and Skype at the very least. That being […]

Reflections on Creating a Faculty Resource: Part I

I’m currently in the process of developing what I hope will be a dynamic and valuable resource for higher education faculty to use when seeking out ways to use technology-enhanced active learning (TEAL) tools and strategies in their classes. This certainly is not the first faculty resource that I have created but it is unique […]

Barriers to Faculty Development/Enrichment & What we can do about it.

I recently conducted an in-person survey of those involved in some dimension of faculty development/enrichment. I was speaking at a conference and took advantage of the opportunity. All worked in higher education. Some were upper administrators looking for institutional alignment related to programs and initiatives. Others were Teaching and Learning Center directors, assistant directors and […]


Image courtesy of Wendy on Flickr The latest and greatest cohort of our intensive online learning faculty development program, the Online Learning Experience (OLE), begins this week. We’ve got 32 faculty members from all corners of the university signed up and ready to dive into an 8-week open, online course on online learning. I am […]