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Teaching a Connected Course

I’m teaching again – a f2f graduate course, Design Challenges in e-Learning for Adults. The students are doing an amazing job of writing about their learning in their syndicated blogs. Their projects are for VCU people wanting insights into ways to create connections for their students using online solutions. I’m finding the shortened 6 weeks makes me […]

An Invitation to Twitter

Use Twitter We’ve had a great beginning to the VCU Interdisciplinary Social Research Methods course. Everyone is now established in a research proposal group and has an idea of a focused research topic to pursue. Everyone is blogging about the topics at hand. Now it’s time for everyone to connect to the networked world of people thinking […]

The Power of Many to Many

I recently traveled to Dallas for the OLC Emerging Technologies Conference. Dr. Bonnie Stewart, @bonstewart talked about her research within twitter, a network of people who connect using unique usernames and #hashtags for topics. I’ve been using twitter sporadically for a couple of years, but her presentation about “many to many”, helped me to finally understand the […]

Why Online? “Access Trumps Knowledge”

I’m writing in response to Harold Jarche’s post, moving to social learning, where he describes a decentralized social learning approach to change in our organizations. Since we are now so technologically connected with communication networks worldwide, access to a trusted network of people to guide our change in work practices makes sense. By engaging with our networks to cooperate, share knowledge and […]

Learning to Participate in Open and Connected “Gatherings”

ALT Lab invited forty+ faculty to join our Online Learning Experience last week. It is an Open Connected Gathering, described so well by Maureen Crawford,@jmc3ualberta. Thanks to twitter, I found her How-to blog that described succinctly what I know faculty new to open connected learning experience. I am amazed at the willingness of these faculty to […]

Do you know about Feedly?

When asked by a colleague, “How do I keep up with the blogs I hope to read?” I showed her Feedly,  a Web-based aggregator, used to help manage your personal list of blogs and websites. It’s certainly not the only RSS reader. You can find other examples: http://alternativeto.net/software/google-reader/ But what IS? an aggregator? an RSS reader? […]

Habit Formation

January brings to mind goal setting and, with the new semester, new beginnings and approaches.  What might make creating a healthy, at least more playful lifestyle an easier journey with a bit less guilt? As I wandered in the shelves of the Richmond Airport shops, waiting for my flight to Tucson for my family New Year’s celebration, I […]

Being Vulnerable to Open

I found myself engaged in a live recorded hangout with Connected Courses today… I had expected to do my usual lurking but instead became a co-learner. I was surprised as the leaders of the conversation discussed their own vulnerability when putting their work “out there” for public consumption and critique. The connected experience of circulating your […]

Network a Shared Experience of Creating Together

…the importance of doing things together, the lip-dub project. It’s one thing to have all the tweeting and commenting, but quite another to have this shared experience of creating together. It’s pretty simple. And yet so rarely done.  Reply to a post by Alan Levine (@cogdog) Absolutely. Waag Society Do it together bio. Home grown bio […]

Setting Climate Matters

Lately I’ve been thinking about how Connected Learning principles and the Community of Inquiry framework intersect when designing a connected course. This morning I spent time listening to the group of people discussing connected courses , describing their experience in the #etmooc.  What struck me about the conversation was that they were describing how important it was that […]