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Teaching and My Journey with Technology

(Speaking with pre-service teachers in the Ukraine 2011.)   My journey teaching with technology is new. I’ll own that. In fact, I remain in a fairly steep learning curve, although I am intentionally taking baby steps. My approach to any innovative teaching and learning practice is to understand the type of thinking it targets or […]

Saying the known in an unknown way

Maya Angelou once said of meaningful writing: “The writer has to take these most known things and put them together in such a way that the reader says ‘I never thought of it that way.’ That’s a real challenge.” (1 minute mark here) Angelou’s comment sparked two questions: How skilled am I at reframing my […]

Critical Thinking in the Wild

Matthew Crawford wrote a book that I love: Shop Class for Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work. In the spirit of this book, I wrote a post outlining a home improvement project I completed, which I conceptually applied to thinking about course design. The ideas and challenges embedded within works like Crawford’s can be […]

What do I WANT to get out of my next lecture?

(Image Source) Most of what I read frames instruction around what students get out of it….and rightfully so. After all, we teach so they can learn. Nonetheless, it made me think about what I get out of it. More specifically, it made me think about what I WANT  to get out of it. The macro […]

Introduction for Fall 2015 VCU OLE

Yep, it’s a work-related post. An introduction of sorts…a short one, I promise. Hi! I’m the Lisa that a few of you have heard about, probably from Jon Becker. I’m considered, at the moment, the “STEM-H Online Learning Innovation Liaison.”  WHAT? I love science, health related or not. My degrees reflect this. I’ve also spent […]

Faculty Development: From a Perspective of Reward

I decided to visit our archives for articles on faculty development as part of my exploration into how the field has evolved so I can gain a clearer picture of where it may be going. Why? I believe in developing programs that are firmly grounded on tried and true practices, but I also want to design […]

#blimage challenge – Spelunking Education

[This is the blimage  (blog image) challenge: Use an image above sent to you and “incorporate it into your blog, and write a post about learning based on it…See what you can make of it! (Then pass an image of your choice on to someone else so they can do their own #blimage challenge).” Read […]

My Professional Development Plan (one small part)

Last week, I sat down with a few of my colleagues in our center called ALT Lab here at VCU. The topic of conversation was: building things. Specifically, we asked: What do you want to build, do and learn that you typically do not have time for? Regardless of all the standard tasks and projects […]

What’s your ideal teaching habitat?

This question emerged from a conversation. The Moth podcast canvassed a story told by Molly Ringwald, the famous 80’s actress. She was talking about the difficulties with her young daughter that emerged when schools (and school environments) changed. The punchline came toward the end of her narrative when she realized that her daughter was having […]

Repairing Identity – Necessary for Deep Learning

 (ImageSource: http://culturalconundrums.theblogpress.com/files/2014/03/identity_crisis_by_sebreg-d4952z5_large.jpg) This is a beautifully complex topic; so much so that it causes me some hesitation writing about it in a concise way. Then again, isn’t that one of the functions of a blog? The core of the provoking questions site I work on is, in large part, one of mining our identities as educators (instructors, learning […]