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This is tweet #100,000

[featured image courtesy of Tijakool Yiyuan ]   If I did this right, I will have hit publish on this blog post when I’m at 99,999 tweets and IFTTT will have automatically pushed out a tweet announcing that I’ve written this post. My 100,000th tweet shouldn’t be a particularly big deal, but I have a thing about […]

Re-Scraping Instagram

Back when Instagram’s API rules didn’t completely suck, I wrote a few posts on scraping it so that some of our faculty could use those data in their research. Then all their rules changed and everything broke. That’s their prerogative but it’s also my option to complain about it. But because I posted about it, […]

On the grid

I’m going on a cruise next week and I’m not going “off the grid.” In fact, I’m going to live tweet the whole damn thing. — Jon Becker (@jonbecker) June 15, 2016 Confession: I find the “disconnecting” or “going off the grid” genre really unappealing. I just find that most people who write about their […]

Snow day?

Trying to understand what it means in this day and age for an organization to be “closed” for weather? Are we supposed to not work? — Jon Becker (@jonbecker) January 22, 2016   Due to #JonasBlizzard, VCU closed on Friday and is closed again today. We got bunches of snow in a city not well […]

New media and higher education

It’s trite at this point to compare education and journalism as “industries” struggling to adapt in increasingly digital times. So, when Chris Hughes took to Medium to announce that he was looking to sell The New Republic, it was too easy to read the following sentence and to replace “company” with “institution,” or, better, “university.” […]

The communications conundrum

Photo courtesy of Joshua Adelman Ever since VCU’s Center for Teaching Excellence became the Academic Learning Transformation Lab (ALT Lab), a persistent challenge opportunity has been to let the VCU community know what ALT Lab is and does. Getting that challenge out is complicated on a number of levels, and there are days I just […]

Dissociative (Digital) Identity Disorder

If nothing else, if this post causes you to learn that Dissociative Identity Disorder is the actual term for what lay people call “split personalities” or “multiple personalities” (or entirely incorrectly “schizophrenia”), I will feel good about having written it. But, that’s not what I’m writing about. I’m writing about social media and identity. Not […]

Connected Learning @ VCU

VCU ALT Lab’s commitment to “Connected Learning for a Networked World” is starting to take hold. In the coming days, I will be sharing some of the many connected learning opportunities that are popping up. For now, I’ll call your attention to two courses that just got started last week. Visual Poetry   The brainchild […]