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Zoom zoom zoom?

As part of the Spring 2016 VCU Online Learning Experience (OLE), I participated in a synchronous video chat using Zoom. While it was the first time I used Zoom, it was not my first time using video chat for communication. I have used Google hangouts, appear.in, Facetime, and Skype at the very least. That being […]

Rote Grading

This semester, I asked a group of graduate students in a course preparing future faculty to reflect on what they would and wouldn’t automate in their teaching as they reflected on Jonathan Rees’ Automate This, Not That. The answers were brief– we used Flipgrid as the medium so they were working with a 90 second […]

Does What You Bring to the Classroom Inspire or Limit?

We can all recall a professor who came into the classroom with minutes to spare; their body adorn with bags of papers and essential classroom materials. The students would remain distracted until the instructor carefully took out and arranged all of their items. As the class proceeded there was inevitably a moment or two when […]

Introduction for Fall 2015 VCU OLE

Yep, it’s a work-related post. An introduction of sorts…a short one, I promise. Hi! I’m the Lisa that a few of you have heard about, probably from Jon Becker. I’m considered, at the moment, the “STEM-H Online Learning Innovation Liaison.”  WHAT? I love science, health related or not. My degrees reflect this. I’ve also spent […]

Managing Expectations When Teaching with Technology

After recently working with a couple of faculty grappling with tech issues early in a course, I found myself repeating some basic advice for “next time.”  Maybe these can be of help to others. Whenever you introduce technology that is new to students, it helps to plan ahead for how to handle the inevitable questions […]

The Defaults and Constraints of Teaching in #Highered

In faculty development generally, and certainly in #VCUALTLab specifically, the goal is often to help professors design new and (presumably) better learning experiences. When working with willing and creative professors, this can be tremendously exciting. Working with the modal faculty member, though, can be a slog. Now that I’m two years into my current gig, […]

Why I Teach a CL Course, or, Any Course

@yinbk @GoogleGuacamole @merryspaniel @Autumm absolutely. so much to unlearn before ppl can even start. why i made #ed1to1 slow/low-stakes. — Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart) July 16, 2015 #Students are the #heart of my work & always will be. They are our #hope. #WisconsinIdea #OurUW — Sara Goldrick-Rab (@saragoldrickrab) July 17, 2015  To reflect is to think, ponder, […]

Teaching a Connected Course

I’m teaching again – a f2f graduate course, Design Challenges in e-Learning for Adults. The students are doing an amazing job of writing about their learning in their syndicated blogs. Their projects are for VCU people wanting insights into ways to create connections for their students using online solutions. I’m finding the shortened 6 weeks makes me […]