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A Little In-House Connected Learning

By now most of you who might be reading this know that I am working on developing an assessment ecology (new term) or system (too “institutional”)  or protocol( too “linear”) or toolbox  (too “technology” focused) for connected learning.  I am doing this for my dissertation research and as part of (more…)


Defining the Purpose of #CCResearch Group

Let me tell you a story.I’m going to start in the middle here.NEW #Ccourses research group thread in the forum.Let’s get rockin’! http://t.co/h07MLJlUs3 #vcualtlab @jgmac1106 @KJBD @crumphelen @kttrend— Laura Gogia (@GoogleGuacamole) October 7, 2014Which led to here.Which led to an outpouring of really (more…)


Why I Teach

As part of the #connectedcourses MOOC, I was asked to consider the question, “Why I teach?”  I have yet to accept the title “teacher” or “educator” deep in my heart – in fact, such questions make me feel like a poser, or at the very least fairly uncomfortable.  But, (more…)

Round Students, Square Colleges

In 1971 K. Patricia Cross gave a speech called “Round Students and Square Colleges” in which she outlined the needs of nontraditional students who were relatively new to college campuses at the time.  She called them “round students,” characterizing their life experiences, motivations, perspectives, contexts, and concerns as (more…)

Ethics of Learning Analytics

Despite robust exposure to ethics and human subject research in a variety of contexts and settings, I still get confused about IRB things sometimes. Also, I know that designing and performing internet research of any variety is an ethical tangle, which intensifies my lack of confidence.  I learned today that (more…)


RT @MindShiftKQED: Learning is an intensely personal, messy journey, distinct from training http://t.co/ONf7ivOx8M #edchat #edtech— DML Research Hub (@dmlresearchhub) August 29, 2014Learning is an intensely personal, messy journey. Because of the way the web tends to work, often with homogeneous groups clustering around concepts and perspectives (more…)