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Trump Dump Data & Playing with TAGS

Image from page 60 of “Children’s ballads from history and folklore” (1886) flickr photo by Internet Archive Book Images shared with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons) Driven mad by curiousity after this Matthew Baldwin tweet, I built this little thing. It uses the amazing Martin Hawksey’s TAGS for gathering the Tweets in Google Sheets and […]

This is tweet #100,000

[featured image courtesy of Tijakool Yiyuan ]   If I did this right, I will have hit publish on this blog post when I’m at 99,999 tweets and IFTTT will have automatically pushed out a tweet announcing that I’ve written this post. My 100,000th tweet shouldn’t be a particularly big deal, but I have a thing about […]

Why (Not?) Consolidate Your Digital Presence

Not long ago my eportfolio was called Laura Gogia: Reigning in the Digital Sprawl (Clarifying point: you are reading a post on my blog right now, not my e-portfolio). My e-portfolio isn’t called that anymore in part because I change the purpose, organization, and appearances of my websites – including this one – fairly regularly.*  However, when the […]

A few thoughts on audience

Listen, wait, be patient. Every shaman knows you have to deal with the fire that’s in your audience’s eye. — Ken Kesey The first time I really thought about audience was as a physician, when I realized that my performance depended entirely on my patients’ performances and mattered only in as much as I was able to […]

Why A Course Hashtag

Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community Engaged Research, VCU’s openly networked connected course, had its first twitter chat last Thursday with the course hashtag, #curiouscolab.  It was an AMAZING first Twitter chat, particularly since so many people were new to the concept.  However, as is usual when starting a course many of us sometimes forgot to use […]

I am #IndieEdTech

A SCENE, NOT A HASHTAG I first saw #IndieEdTech on a Tom Woodward tweet, which may be why it caught my attention. I work with Tom at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Academic Learning Transformation Lab and have never known him to be a casual hashtagger. As I contemplated the hashtag, I remembered he was attending the Indie EdTech […]

OLC Innovate: Student Voice & the Virtual Experience

OLC Innovate is debuting in several weeks (April 20 – April 22, 2016) in New Orleans.  As a member of the steering committee, I am both excited and nervous to see how things unfold.  Several days ago, Maha Bali asked me to participate in a special “fishbowl”  Virtually Connecting session on Thursday (April 21) at 11:15, designed […]

Shifting out of IFTTT

Kin Lane mentioned that IFTTT, a service entirely built on APIs, doesn’t have an API. That bothered Kin and the more I thought about it it bothered me. So I figured I’d start disentangling myself from IFTTT. One of the things I did with IFTTT was to send out a Tweet any time I posted […]

Why a Photo Safari at the #OLCInnovate #PlugIN

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog post describing some features of the digital participatory,  or #PlugIN,  experience that we will explore at the OLC Innovate conference in New Orleans, April 20-22, 2016 .  So far, I’ve gotten fairly positive feedback – people seem to be curious about how digital makes, aggregated backchannels, and crowdsourced notetaking will work out at […]

YouTube View Count to Tweet

I was just messing around a bit more with mashing up the YouTube API post from earlier with the Twitter post from earlier today. This Google Script will get the view count of a particular video (Gangnam Style) and send out the total views and the time elapsed watching the video (assuming I did the […]