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What is Rampages? Part Two

Image from page 776 of “The Ladies’ home journal” (1889) flickr photo by Internet Archive Book Images shared with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons) Continuing on from Part One . . . I have way too many examples. If you read this blog often, you’ve probably seen most of these being born1 but this is […]

Off to the rubber room I go

Last week, I was fired “reassigned.” Not only was I told that my contract wouldn’t be renewed for next academic year (which I expected), but I was told that “effective immediately,” I’d be sent to an empty office in another building1 to do “special projects” between now and the end of my current contract (August […]


Yesterday’s post was a semi-serious attempt to synthesize the narrative around “academic innovation” in higher education. I say it was semi-serious because it presents a product of research that wasn’t particularly systematic, and also because I’m not sure we really need such scorecards. I just figured it might be useful for folks to see my […]

Classroom Reconsidered: Mary Morton Parsons Courtyard

What happens when students are removed from the norms and expectations of the classroom? Without a focal point of instruction (lectern, teaching wall, instructor, etc.) where do students director their attention and energies? Does a novel environment inhibit or enhance the learning experience? Part of my interest in classroom spaces is to challenge the preconception […]

Classroom Reconsidered: 2122 Oliver Hall

Despite the complexities of scheduling, not all university classrooms are multi-purpose. Many, even those without specialized equipment, are outfitted and reserved for specific course sequences and disciplines. Stepping into 2122 Oliver Hall on the VCU campus it was clear that this room, while in many ways similar to 328 Hibbs Hall, was equipped for courses […]

An outdoor discussion circle

During the spring semester, while walking by Harris hall on the VCU campus, I would notice classes gathering in an area otherwise designated for public use. In front of the building, on a large brick walkway, are six iron benches affixed to the ground in a circle. With nothing more than seating, this space has […]

The innovation baby and the ed. tech. bath water

I encounter a lot of resistance to the work that I do. It comes in many forms, and in many spaces. It happens within my workplace and out in the larger world. It happens online and offline. The resistance ranges from subtweets from colleagues within my institution to articles and op-eds by prominent scholars in mainstream […]

The possibilities of/for #onlinelearning

Being asked what good #onlinelearning looks like is akin to being asked what a good meal looks like. — Jon Becker (@jonbecker) February 23, 2016   I remember being asked recently what good online learning looks like. That wasn’t the exact question, but it was something to that effect. I also remember not being satisfied […]

The rhythm and pace of online learning

“Rhythm’s Hands” courtesy of Woody Hibbard on Flickr. For our newest cohort of faculty participants, it’s now the end of the first week of the Online Learning Experience (OLE), our intensive online learning faculty development program. Week one was about getting folks situated and getting them equipped with the digital toolbelt they’ll need to participate […]